Picture this: You’re at a party or event and everyone is dancing, the tunes are just right and there is an air of bliss. So of course as time goes on, you look over to the DJ booth to see who’s spinning the tunes and… you see a 10-year-old?! 

PHOTO: Kuulpeeps

Erica Tandoh, popularly known as DJ Switch, is a 10-year-old Ghanaian sensation taking the internet by storm but, despite making headlines recently, she is no stranger to drumming up positive attention. Back in May, Tandoh was named the youngest winner ever at the 6th annual Ghana DJ awards. Before that, in 2017, she won TV3’s Talented Kids contest.

She began DJing at nine. She also shared with BBC's new children's program "What’s New" that she is a fast learner, so learning how to DJ was not that difficult to her; it was like learning a new subject in school. And Tandoh is a girl with many talents! In addition to DJing, she also dances, play traditional Ghanaian drums, trumpet and is currently learning how to play the piano. 

While being a DJ is a great love and passion of hers, Tandoh one day hopes to become a gynecologist as a way to help women. And speaking of women, one woman who on Tandoh’s support team is her mama. The two created an original song together titled "Deceiver" in which they talk about resisting temptations.  

DJ Switch is definitely heating up the music world and is a DJ to watch! Interested in what it takes to become an award winning DJ? Check out these five tips from the DJ diva herself: 

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