Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and our bank accounts are entering recovery mode. While you may be questioning some of your purchases, if you’re a #CrayonCutie, you should rejoice in knowing you may have contributed to the Cyber Monday purchases that helped The Crayon Case Cosmetics reach $1 million in 90 minutes! 

PHOTO: Twitter

Founder and CEO of the cosmetics line, Raynell Steward, also known as Wuzzam Supa, watched orders pour in Monday and she sat at her desk watching them in real time on her Instagram. 

The Crayon Case's sale began at 10AM CST and by 10:13AM, they had already gained 10K orders. By the time 11:30AM rolled around, Supa could be seen in tears and at a loss for words as she realized she had hit $1 million in an hour and a half. 

In 2017, Supa created The Crayon Case as a makeup brand for amateur makeup artists and those just getting their feet wet within the realm of makeup. Seemingly overnight, everyone from the beginner makeup enthusiasts to celebrities, such as Cardi B, could be seen rocking looks from the now infamous “Box of Crayons” palette. 

In addition to her quality products and phenomenal branding techniques, Supa strives to let everyone know that she is just a regular gal from NOLA. And throughout her journey, being her authentic self, via social media, has gotten her to where she is today.

“Wuzzam will never conform to what society says a Social Media Personality should be, making her more appealing, and loved. The success of the Crayon Case has proved she is unrelenting and determined to be the best at all she accomplishes.” – via The Crayon Case website.

Congratulations, Supa! You are definitely an inspiration to us all! And if you want to get your own Crayon Case products, head over to her website by clicking here

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