When Troia Butcher — known today as Just Troia — faced a series of losses, she was (understandably) plunged into the depths of grief. Raised in the church, she went to her pastors and other spiritual leaders for help but ultimately found their support lacking. The support fell so far short of the proverbial mark that she lost her faith in God. 

Rather than bemoan her fate, however, Just Troia wrote a book to help others on their grieving — and healing — path and eventually found her way back to God. Now, she's going one step further and has launched a healing kit — as part of The Appreciation Initiative — designed for frontline workers. The kit, which can be purchased for $60, contains a journal, pillow, mug, and bag for The Appreciation Initiative. 

The Appreciation Initiative provides kits to essential workers in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. When you make your donation, you can specify which hospital, assisted living facility, or nursing home you would like to show your support for, or Just Troia will give a gift to one of the many workers identified.

"Our frontline warriors have engaged in a long and intense battle against COVID-19 with few opportunities for them to relax, if even for a few moments. They have spent day and night thinking about others, and now it's time for us to think about them. Let's work together to send healing kits to our invaluable frontline workers to support their tremendous efforts. We can put smiles on their faces and encourage hope to rise again in their hearts," she said in a press release statement. 

You can get involved by visiting the Appreciation Initiative here.