It has been the coldest winter ever — from the polar vortex to snow on snow on snow, many of us have been in hibernation mode this season. Well as the temperatures rise, and the clocks jump forward, we are reminded that Spring is actually on the way… finally! From our hair to our skin, and definitely our wardrobe, sisters all over will be looking for a Spring refresh! 

Well, one sister, in particular, is reminding us to bring a little spring into our homes as well. Maryah Greene is the owner of Greene Piece, a Brooklyn-based plant business that curates your space with greenery based on air quality, sunlight, and budget amongst other things. Maryah was kind enough to share the benefits of introducing plants into your space, along with a list of her favorite plants which she recommends for clients who are just starting their journey as plant parents.

Golden Pothos 

  1. Photo: Amazon
  2. "The golden pothos plant is probably the plant that I recommend to almost every new and/or experienced plant parent. These are the long vine-like plants that you see in every grocery store/bodega. It’s almost impossible to kill considering the fact that it thrives in low light and can handle a lot of neglect. Pothos plants purify the air from common impurities like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. They also look great in any home or office setting as it grows long like a vine and usually comes in a pot with a hook to hang it from any post."
  3. Dracaena Massangeana  

Photo: Pinterest

  1. "This is one of my favorite plants! With over 100 species of Dracaena plants to choose from, the one thing that they all have in common is their ability purify the air. In fact, the Dracaena plant is known to be one of the most effective house plants when it comes to purification of the air.  Many psychological and studies have linked these plants to increases in self-esteem, mood and overall well-being."

  2. Rubber Plant 

  3. "Another great starter plant for beginning plant parents. Known for absorbing CO2 and converting it into breathable oxygen, this plant can also tolerate a lot of neglect before feeling the effects (for example they tend to handle under-watering more than overwatering.) They are perfect for apartments with little to no sunlight as they tend to thrive in dim indirect light."   
  4. Spider Plant 

  5. Photo: SleslStore

    "Known for removing toxins like ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde, the spider plant has amazing benefits and is also one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. This plant requires water only once every 7-10 days depending on the size, and doesn’t need direct sunlight, making it perfect for those apartments that don’t have a ton of windows."

  6. Snake Plant 

  7. Photo: Greene Piece
  8. "The Snake Plant, also commonly known as Mother-in laws Tongue, is another great starter plant that I recommend to a lot of my NYC clients. This plant is great for filtering out impurities like formaldehyde (a commonly found chemical in cleaning supplies). Like the Golden pothos, this plant thrives in low light and can also withstand a lot of neglect. I tend to throw a snake plant in either a bathroom or kitchen to serve as an automatic air cleaner." 

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