There are many rumors that are currently making their way through the tabloids, however, this one just seems to be the latest scoop that has caught everyone’s attention. 

According to sources, Beyoncé is rumored to be working on her seventh studio album with the production assistance of Honey Dijon, a notable house music icon known and loved by many. The news recently broke out as a result of  Gregory Ellwood, a  journalist who originally broke the news of Beyoncé’s  “Be Alive ” feature in the recent release of the Oscar-nominated film, King Richard. Ellwood alleges that Honey Dijon has produced two house-inclusive tracks for Beyoncés next project. The esteemed journalist also disclosed that at least one video is in the works for her new album.

“Oh, and some late-night tea… Heard Honey Dijon produced two of the tracks on Beyoncé’s new album. At least one video in the works. No idea about the actual sound… but holding out for a Beyonce house music era.”  Said Gregory Ellwood on Twitter.

Another source disclosed Gregory’s revealed rumors about the Queen’s upcoming album, as well as revealing the news about Beyoncé’s “Be Alive” feature as a part of the King Richard movie. 

“Journalist Gregory Ellingson (@TheGregoryE) revealed rumors that the house music icon Honey dijon has produced 2 tracks for Beyoncé’s new album and that at least 1 MV is in the world. Greg was the reporter who broke the news about Be Alive being included in King Richard.” Said B7 Updates.

It is not yet known if Ellwood’s rumors hold truth for what could be one of the best collabs to date, however, his rumors have reigned true in the past and can most definitely hold true for what we can expect to see from the singer and fashion mogul next.