Choosing what to wear every day can be difficult when you feel as though you don’t have enough clothes. One stylist has shown her followers on TikTok that it is not as challenging as you may think it is. Jazmin Weathersby has taken the app by storm with her tips and tricks for styling the clothes you already have in your closet. She recently went viral with her video of her using a 20-item fashion capsule to create 65 different outfits.


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21Ninety had the chance to catch up with Weathersby to get all the details on how to use your own wardrobe to create timeless looks.

Showcasing Your Eye as a Stylist

Creating 65 outfits from 20 items seems like something you need to have extreme talent for. While that may be partially true, Weathersby says that she wanted to showcase the simplicity behind it.

“I wanted to show everyone all of my followers that you can create multiple outfits with a select few with a select number of pieces,” the stylist said. “I think that there’s a misconception around capsule wardrobes. People think that it’s boring wearing the same clothes over and over. While that may be true in a sense, it drives so much creativity and it pushes you into a creative zone because you have to get creative when you’re working with a limited amount of pieces.”

Weathersby wants to be able to show her followers that it’s possible to switch up your look every day even if your clothing options are limited. Even as a little girl, she knew that fashion just came easy to her as a stylist, even when she didn’t have all the clothes she really wanted. When she was a teenager, she didn’t have the money to get the clothes she wanted so therefore she had to get creative with what she already had.

“I remember back in the day, I would turn a button-up shirt into a skirt. I would button it around the waist and then tie it a certain way and it looked really good,” she explained of an old design she made work for her.

Tips For Your Own Capsule

Since the video went viral, Weathersby has been getting several consultations for her stylist service. Her clients want to be able to build a capsule after being inspired by her work. There are always a few simple tips she recommends.

“I would say number one is to focus on what you feel and look good in,” she began. “Not because it’s trendy, not because it’s hot. Focus on that first and you’ll have a much easier time getting dressed because everything you put on is gonna feel and look good on you.”

Weathersby advises avoiding fast fashion and trends unless you need something specific. She is also an advocate for purchasing items that you can repurpose.

“You don’t have to avoid trendy pieces altogether, but don’t count on them to carry your wardrobe, she continued. “Try to stick with trendy pieces in the sense of accessories. Like shoes and bags; things that are going to accessorize an outfit but not carry it entirely.

She also recommends creating a capsule with clothes that you already have before going out to buy anything new.

“Pull out three bottoms, three tops, maybe like two jackets or a blazer and a jacket, a couple pair of shoes. Then see how many outfits you can create by mixing and matching all of those pieces. You’ll probably create outfits that you never thought about creating, but because you have that limited amount, you’ve got to create with what’s in front of you.”

Doing so will push your mind to a place that it hasn’t quite been to yet, Weathersby says. There, you’ll be able to get inspiration.

“It’s gonna drive that creativity and you’re gonna come up with a bunch of different variations of outfits,” she concludes.