If there’s one person who is going to keep it real about her dating life, it’s Tiffany Haddish.

The comedian, author and actress recently served as a guest host on The Ellen Degeneres Show and revealed that she is actually using all of the apps to find her next boo. 

“I’m getting back onto the dating scene, which means I’m on the apps: Raya, Tinder, Postmates, Candy Crush and that therapy app BetterHelp,” Haddish shared. “Hey, you never know where you are going to meet a man, and if he’s a therapist, it might be helpful.”

Haddish has also been vocal about what exact qualities she’s looking for in her new man, and truth be told – we don’t seem to see anything wrong with the standards that she’s set. 

“A man with a perfect credit score. Now I don’t care how tall they are; how old they are; how much they weigh,” Haddish revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers. “The only number that matters to me, that I care about, comes from FICA because credit scores show how responsible they are. I’m just saying, I’m a lot to handle.”


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Haddish went on to further dissect the importance of having a partner who exhibits responsibility. “If you own a bunch of diamonds, but you don’t own no land – that’s a problem for me. Land, then diamonds. Because where do the diamonds come from? The land.” she stated. 

“So own the land, then get the diamonds. I got diamonds because I got land,” she shared.

Prior to Haddish’s breakup with rapper, Common, she also vocalized similar sentiments when she revealed that she wanted the rapper to propose to her with an apartment building rather than diamond ring. 

“So this ring, they can inherit the ring, but what’s that? $2,000 or $3,000? Maybe $10,000, what is that? But if you get an apartment building that will increase in value, the children will always be able to go to school, we’ll always have something,” she stated. “If we get sick or something, we’ll have something to cash out and be able to take care of ourselves.”

We stan a woman with her priorities all the way in check!