Tiffany Johnson, CEO & Founder of Moozii is helping women of color access more sustainable products. Moozii is a Feminine care, Wellness, and Beauty brand that is hyper-focused on creating access and awareness to sustainable, high-performing quality products. Moozii offers products ranging from 100% Medical Grade Menstrual cups, Organic Reusable Pads, and CBD Wellness and Beauty products.

  1. 21N: What led you to start this business? 
  2. TJ: I started Moozii because I noticed there was a lack of access and awareness to more sustainable and safe feminine care, wellness, and beauty products for women of color. Prior to Menstrual cups, I was a frequent tampon user and It was a game-changer! But after bragging to my girlfriends about them, I noticed that a lot of my black girlfriends were not aware of this sustainable and money-saving product. That inspired me to create a brand where women of color can see women like themselves choosing more sustainable and safer Feminine care and Wellness products. It's all about representation for me.
  3. 21N: How do you define success for this business? 
  4. TJ: Success would be to increase the use of more sustainable and safe feminine care, wellness, and beauty products amongst women of color. MOOZii is on a mission to bring more healthy and sustainable feminine care & wellness products to 50+ Corner Stores around the US over the next 5-10 years. We are uniquely positioned to help address the health disparity crisis in America as it relates to toxic products offered in low-income community corner stores vs wealthier communities. Meeting this social initiative would be a success.
  5. 21N: What have you learned about yourself during your journey?
  6. TJ: That I'm fearless!! Launching a business during a pandemic is no easy thing to do and I've definitely questioned myself throughout the entire process. But I did it! 
  • 21N: What advance would you provide to new entrepreneurs?
  • TJ: If you have an idea, go for it! you don't need to have it all figured out.

  • 21N: What one thing have you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
  • TJ: I had to overcome being undocumented and living in a low-income neighborhood that had access to mostly toxic feminine care, wellness, and beauty products. If I did not go through that experience I probably wouldn't have started Moozii.