Dinner dates and routine drinks with friends are fun options but always doing the same old activities can get a little boring. It’s time to break free from the ordinary and infuse some TikTok magic into your social life. There are plenty of fresh and exciting ways to spend time with your friends. And TikTok is providing all the inspiration needed to find adventures that promise laughter, creativity, and unforgettable moments.

Thrifting Exchange


@mozz really had me looking like an original cheetah girl

♬ original sound – Zayna Allen

Say goodbye to predictable shopping sprees and hello to thrift shopping for ridiculous outfits. Hit the thrift stores with your friends and challenge each other to find the most outlandish and unique outfits. Once you’ve chosen your eccentric ensembles, don’t stop there! Strut your stuff and head out for a night on the town. The key here is to embrace the laughter and confidence that come with wearing something completely unexpected.

Bar Adventures with New Identities

Transform your typical bar night into an undercover mission. Assign each friend a new identity, complete with a different name, job, and backstory. Watch the hilarity unfold as you try to stay in character throughout the night. Not only will this activity bring out your inner thespian, but it’s also a fantastic way to spark conversation with new people and share a good laugh with your friends.

Character Dress-Up Nights


Put us on family feud and we gonna win “GOOD ANSWER!!🗣” #fyp #fypシ #foryou #xyzbca #steveharvey #familyfeud #druski

♬ original sound – DRUSKI

Step into the shoes of your favorite characters, whether it’s the iconic Steve Harvey or spunky old ladies from your favorite sitcom. Coordinate themed dress-up nights with your friends and take on the town in character. Not only will you turn heads, but you’ll also create memories that will last a lifetime. Let your creativity shine and watch as you and your friends become the talk of the town.

Uber Chronicles

Turn your rideshare into a storytelling extravaganza. While in the back of an Uber, challenge your friends to create outrageous and fictional tales. From secret spy missions to fantastical adventures, let your imagination run wild. The best part? Share your stories with the driver for an added element of surprise. This ensures a journey filled with laughter and creativity.

Dares for Your Night Out

Add a touch of spontaneity by sending out dares to your friends during a night out. Use TikTok trends as inspiration and challenge each other to complete tasks, take funny selfies, or do something out of the ordinary. This activity injects an element of surprise into your outing together and keeps the energy levels high.

Themed Girls’ Nights In

Bring the TikTok trends home with themed girls’ nights in. Whether it’s a nostalgic 90s sleepover, a DIY spa night, or a costume party in the comfort of your living room, these themed nights will create bonds and memories that go beyond the typical hangout. Capture the moments and share them on social media to inspire others to break free from the ordinary.