Tired of being pressured into spending money whenever you’re out with friends? Apparently, everyone is. Loud budgeting burst onto the scene to address this very real financial pressure that no one wants to talk about, and it seems to be growing in popularity. Even for those who haven’t felt social pressures to spend money out of obligation, the numbers on TikTok prove that it remains something curiosity can’t ignore. But, what exactly is loud budgeting and does it really work? Read on to find out.

What is Loud Budgeting?

Described as the opposite of ‘quiet luxury‘, loud budgeting is the trend to normalize having and talking about budgets. Loud budgeting was coined by TikToker Lukas Battle and introduced as the monetary mood for 2024.

Consider it as an invitation to take your budget seriously this year without the social implications of what that may mean. In the uploaded video which has over 178K likes, Battle explains that “loud budgeting has the same feeling as sneaking candy into a movie theatre”. The appeal of the trend is not stressing about spending money that you don’t want to spend, rather than money you don’t have enough of.

Aside from this, the trend provides language for people to speak about money in a fun way that works for every budget. “Loud budgeting is about the everyday person, the average joe,” explains Battle.

Loud budgeting is also a reminder that for many, financial and social exhaustion go hand in hand and can be better managed. Battle provides examples of turning down outings in order to save gas money. The idea is to be actively aware of financial restraints and being shameless in talking about them. Unlike the quiet luxury trend which glamorizes luxury and often glorifies celebrity culture, loud budgeting has opposite ideas to displaying wealth. This is a trend for those who feel ready to say no when they don’t want to spend without hyper-focusing on how spending habits portray them.

A TikTok financial trend worth listening to?


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In a viral video that started out as a joke, Battle has been able to convince many of the pros of loud budgeting. The video offers a look at financial autonomy in a way that some can relate to.

“Adding loud budgeting into my 2024 goals,” one TikTok user writes. Others expressed how much the video represents their own take on being openly ‘thrifty’.

How to know if loud budgeting is for you

Almost everyone wants to be stable in their money habits but is loud budgeting for everyone? If one of your 2024 goals is to manage your financial wellness like a pro, being about your business with your budgeting might be for you. Those who desire better boundaries with money should consider the trend too.

Building a better relationship with money is another good reason to jump on the trend. What better way to become confident with money than being upfront about your current budget? By normalizing frugal living, the entire idea of a budget seems a little less awkward.


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If you’re looking to step boldly into your money goals and loud budget, TikToker and financial literacy speaker Jenny Park adds a few tricks to get ahead. Within her video she explains that living within your means, seeking positive influences and lifestyles, and believing it is possible to create your own opportunities is key. Wave goodbye to de-lu-lu spending if you want to reach new saving heights, Parks explains.

If the idea of another trend from FinTok is one too many for you, maybe miss this one. At the same time, there’s no shame in jumping on a trend that may save you the stress of overspending.