The hair industry has been buzzing with different ways to bring convenience in our lives. From headband wigs, to braid hats and hair hats, you may have thought you’ve seen it all. Brace yourselves, we’ve found the latest trend. Please welcome the baby hair scarf.


I’m not gon lie I kinda like it 😅 #babyhairscarf #viral #explore #DidYouYawn @janetcollection

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This innovate accessory has had the Tiktok girls in a chokehold. It is perfect for many occasions. If you want to deep condition your hair all day, this is a great way to still step outside while your hair is under a shower cap, locking in all that moisture.


First time I’ve seen a baby hair scarf 🤣 from @janetcollection quick & easy #babyhair #scarf #babyhairscarf #janetcollection #lessthan5min

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Although you may be thinking this idea is genius, many users are saying that it could be a waste of time. The big issue with scarves generally is that they tend to slip off often. One user tweeted “i can just imagine it sliding back as the day go on.” Another Tiktok user used this as an opportunity to encourage people to pitch their ideas even no matter how silly they think it may be.

This accessory can make or break the future of hair convenience. What say you?