In a TikTok video that has now garnered over 1.5 million views, a woman shared her unusual breastfeeding experience. It is an unexpected and scary story.

Brooke’s Story

Brooke, who goes by @brookesobasic shared her horrifying breastfeeding story with her viewers, and what started as a regular attempt to feed her baby quickly turned into a mortifying incident.

In the video, Brooke told her viewers that she initially noticed that her nipple started to turn black at the base and white at the tip – which she later discovered was a sign of insufficient blood flow.

The Horrifying Incident

On the day of the incident, she said that she was feeding her son when she suddenly noticed that he had stopped trying to eat and was choking instead.

“I look down, and he’s kind of choking. My nipple broke off, and he had it in his mouth,” said Brooke.
Brooke shared that she was fortunate to have a support system nearby who helped her navigate the situation.

“Luckily, I was with my mom and my sister, and they’re like, ‘hurry, let’s get the nipple and put it back on.’ So I took the nipple, rinsed it off, and put it back on with a bandaid.”

The Influence Of The Internet

The TikTok mom shared that she would have potentially known how to handle the situation better if it had happened at a time when the internet was rampant.

When a TikTok user asked if she felt pain when the nipple fell off, Brooke noted that she did not feel anything because her nerves were already damaged.

Health Awareness

While there are multiple studies and medical reports about nipple fissures and the physical complications that may occur from breastfeeding and are common during pregnancy, including painful cracks on the skin of the nipple and areola; very few discuss the nipple actually falling off. In a published article that was released in 2020, The New York Post re-released the story of 24-year-old Kirsty Adam from Glasgow, Scotland, who was left with dying nipples after a botched surgery.

On her TikTok page, Brooke also shared that unusual health-related topics like hers needed to be shared more to raise additional awareness.