Although polyamorous relationships have been practiced for centuries, many people still don’t fully grasp the idea behind them. The lack of understanding often makes public polyamorous relationships quite the spectacle.

Now a new polyamorous family has come to the forefront on TikTok and users are diving deep into their lives. Some in favor of the throuple and others, not so much.

New Poly Throuple on The Block


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Sean T. Adams considers himself to be the number one success coach in the world. According to Adams, he was robbed at gunpoint in 2020 and since then changed his life eventually becoming a millionaire. Although it is a tad unclear what he actually does for a living, on his social media account he portrays a lavish lifestyle.

Once Adams began building his empire, he met his first girlfriend Shanice. According to her TikTok, the two met at a party and have been together since. She is in the military so the two often go long periods of time without seeing each other. Once, while she was deployed, Adams began to gain interest in another woman, Olivia. He flew her out to San Diego. After a few dates, Adams convinced Olivia to travel across the country to live with him and Shanice. It’s at this point in the story where many social media users take issue with with the polyamorous relationship.

The Dynamic Between The Ladies


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The three regularly go live on TikTok to answer questions from followers about their relationship. In one live, a follower asked if Shanice was comfortable with Sean introducing another woman to the relationship while she deployed. She said that although there was always a plan to bring another woman in, she was not comfortable with the situation. Followers also speculate that the two women do not like each other. There is a large age gap between Olivia and Shanice. The latter has even mentioned that although she is bisexual, she is not attracted to Olivia. She seemingly hinted that she isn’t attracted to her because of her immaturity.

A Look At Adams’ Behavior

Followers have also pointed out Adams’ controlling behavior toward both women. In their poly dynamic, the two call him their king and he calls them his queens. However, Adams often shows offense if either woman fails to use the term of endearment. He also reprimands both while live. Followers of the trio consistently question Adams’ actions and the way that he treats the women. When he gets confronted about his decisions he gets defensive and often fails to directly answer questions.

What Is A Polyamorous Relationship?

Polyamory is a form of consensual non-monogamy. It typically involves having romantic relationships with multiple people at the same time. In traditional monogamous relationships, there is a priority on exclusivity, fidelity, and commitment to one partner. In a polyamorous relationship, there are various degrees of openness in terms of what can and can’t fly in the relationships. Some polyamorous individuals may prioritize emotional intimacy over sexual intimacy, while others may prioritize sexual relationships with multiple partners.