A white woman on TikTok who goes by the name Level Blue, is coming under fire for making a video highlighting some beauty practices she terms “not elegant”. In her video, she includes pictures and video clips of Black beauty content creators to highlight all the beauty practices she is warning her viewers against emulating. She began her video by saying “Make-up mistakes elegant ladies never make.”

The first “mistake” she goes on to point out, along with a picture from beauty content creator MsTrinaKay is “wearing brown lipstick  with gloss on top of it or lining your lips in a dark lip liner and filling it out with a nude color.” Black beauty content creators like Jackie Aina and even MsTrinaKay whose pictures were used as some of the examples of make-up looks to avoid, have stitched the video calling out its anti-Black undertones but mostly Level Blue’s lack of information and understanding of diverse beauty practices.

A Call To Order

Jackie Aina stitched Level Blue’s video calling her behaviour microaggressive.

“I don’t have a problem with femininity or elegance content, but as a non-dark-skinned person, you are the wrong person for this particular tip,” Aina began referring to Level Blue.

Aina’s video is one of the most famous responses and has received over 1 million likes.

“For dark-skinned people, wearing a dark brown lip pencil is literally the only way to get most lip colors to be flattering on our complexion,” Aina explained in her video. “There’s just no way around it.”

She went on to explain that most Black women are not one skin color, especially on their face. Aina is now famous for her lifestyle content after making a switch from her famous Youtube make-up days. She concluded her response by telling Level Blue, “You need to be so super careful in the future about using blanket statements like not elegant or ridiculous when talking about beauty rituals that are specific to a particular culture.”

MsTrinaKay on the other hand simply stitched the video replicating the make-up look Level Blue had termed inelegant. Level Blue’s video is still up on her page and hasn’t been taken down despite the criticisms that have been thrown her way.