Time management is vital to getting the most out of your day so you're always moving forward in your goals while living a balanced lifestyle. 

You see, maximizing the time you have allows you to do more, achieve more, and create a life that's aligned with your values and dreams. You won't stress over missed deadlines or opportunities because you're managing your day like a boss.

Talk about a confidence booster!

Now, whether you find yourself procrastinating often or overwhelmed, the good news is, you can easily turn it around by implementing a few time management best practices.

So if you're ready to conquer your goals, here are a few proven tips that will get you there!

#1 Use the Pomodoro Technique

Many people swear by The Pomodoro Technique, a popular time management tool where your heads down on a single task for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. Each session is a Pomodoro and, after four intervals, you take a longer 15-30 minute break.

The Pomodoro Technique is super effective if you're distracted easily and you tend to run overtime. It also helps you chunk down bigger projects into smaller tasks so you're not eating the elephant in one bite.

Finally, it's a great goal-setting method as you cross off each Pomodoro, leaving you feeling satisfied and accomplished with each checkmark.

#2 Track Your Time Spend

Another method towards better managing your day is tracking the time you spend on activities and tasks. 

Oftentimes, we may not realize how much time it's taking us to complete a project or we may underestimate the time spend. However, when you use apps like Toggl Track, it records your tasks from start to finish. You'll have real data and insights helping you plan clearly in the future. 

Also, you may get a few "ah-ha" moments on tasks that are unnecessarily taking you too long to do. You may decide to delegate these responsibilities or outsource to an assistant, saving you time in the long run!

#3 Plan Your Day Ahead

Did you know your day actually begins the night before? Embracing an evening routine where you map out the day ahead keeps you ahead. 

It's a powerful way to wake up energized with purpose and vigor. 

In fact, successful people are known for planning every minute of their day. They're intentional and understand time is a finite resource that isn't to be wasted. Using your Google Calendar or an old-school planner can keep you ahead of the game

Let's Crush Some Ish!

Using these tools will help you to manage your time like a boss. You'll increase your productivity, get things done, and create a life of balance and confidence.

Now, go and make some ish happen!

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