It’s no secret that Nia Long’s beauty is timeless and mesmerizing. She’s every man’s crush and every woman’s skin goals. She’s been gracing our screens since the early 90’s and hasn’t let up yet!

Long‘s latest project, You People released on Netflix January 27th, and she was recently spotted hitting the red carpet for the premiere but she wasn’t alone! Nia could be seen photographed with R&B heartthrob Omarion.

Once fans saw these images they went crazy and of course, dating rumors started to ignite.

Fans On Twitter

Nia Long’s Public Split From Ime Udoka

If you recall back in December, Long and Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka ended their 13-year relationship after it was discovered that Udoka had a consensual, improper relationship with a team staffer. The news of the scandal lead fans and members of Hollywood to social media to comfort Long and show their love and appreciation.

In a recent interview with Kevin Polowy, Long gets emotional discussing her time working with Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” During the conversation, she talked about showing sympathy and grace toward him. She shared how she understands being humanized as she’s battled her own personal issues, likely referencing her public split from Udoka.

“I’ve had some pretty devastating moments in my life over the last couple of months. And I’ve had just to say, ‘It’s all right. You’ll pick yourself back up and — oh my god. I’m about to cry,” she said as she fanned her face with her hands to stop herself from crying. “‘You’ll pick yourself back up and keep moving.’”

The couple committed to co-parenting their son, although no longer together. She is also a mom to son Massai, 22, from a previous relationship. 

New Romance For Nia Long?

Long quietly bounced back from the heartbreak and has been starring in several productions since. Now, fans are hoping for a love story between the “It Girl” Nia and Omarion but Ms. Long says otherwise.

She took to Instagram to respond to a video posted by Shade Room regarding the romance rumors.

Everybody simmer down…I’m single AF! 😘”

– Nia Long

While Long did make it clear that she’s single AF she didn’t deny that the two do look great together. Omarion had a little bit to say about the red carpet-moment as well.

He was spotted leaving LAX on Tuesday and a reporter asked him, “Is there anything to those reports that you guys may be dating?”

Omarion quickly and politely replied, “no, no” before the cameraman asked if that means he was “putting the fire out, right here, right now.” 

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Omarion responded before he was pressed about if there’s “a little bit of a window there.”

Omarion continued the conversation, “I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything!” He revealed that was his first time meeting Nia Long on the red carpet. The reporter continued with, “she’s attractive, you’re attractive. She’s single, you’re single” and O’s response was, “yeah you never know!”

Omarion eventually ended the conversation by giving props to Long, “nothing but respect for the queen,” and that there was “a big Scorpio vibe going on.” Are the two a match made in heaven? Who knows. What we do know is that Nia Long is and will forever be THAT girl.

On The Move

Outside of the premiere for You People, Long was also spotted in Dubai for Beyoncé’s one-hour performance. Media personality and actor Terrence J. helped her out of a car, sparking spectacle conversations online.

These days you can catch Long making appearances on the red carpet, starring in a box office film or traveling the world and we’re totally here for it. We love to see Nia reclaiming her time and we’re here to support, uplift and love her through it all.

Check out her latest film You People starring Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill and Lauren London on Netflix Jan. 27.