The world adores Chlöe and Halle Bailey for their exceptional talent, fly outfits, fabulous locs and fearless attitudes. However, their unbreakable bond as sisters is probably what everyone loves the most about the duo.

Anyone who has watched one of their interviews knows, they do not play any games when it comes uplifting and supporting each other. To celebrate their empowering love as sisters, here are four of their most memorable moments of sister love.

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer

When Halle Cried Over Message From Chlöe

During an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show to promote her role as Ariel in the live-action remake of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” Tamron Hall surprised Halle with a message from her sister.

In the loving video message, Chlöe shared how proud she was of Halle and how inspiring her sister was to herself and so many people around the world. The video message ended up pushing Halle to tears, as she returned the love to her sister. She told Hall that Chlöe is “the best.”

When Chlöe Reminded Quavo Exactly Who Her Sister Is

In Complex’s GOAT talk, Quavo asked Chlöe what she considered the GOAT Disney song. The singer immediately responded by singing “Part of Your World.” The selection was clearly a nod to her sister Halle and her highly anticipated role in The Little Mermaid life-action remake.

Quavo responded that he didn’t know what song it was, and Chlöe quickly shut down the rapper.

“Who’s my sister,” she asked with a side eye.

Quavo quickly remembered the song and responded with a grin, “Little Mermaid.”

When Halle Let Everyone Know Bullying Chlöe Isn’t Okay

Chlöe faced steep criticism on social media following the release of her debut album in April. Halle took to her Twitter to let it be known that she would not allow her sister to be bullied without her speaking up in her defense.

In her initial tweet, Halle said she didn’t stand for bullying of any kind, and in a follow-up tweet, she added that when it comes to those who matter the most to her, she will “go to war.”

When Chlöe Warned She Always has her Sister’s Back

During an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Halle reminded folks that she goes into “mama bear” mode, when it comes to any negativity coming at Halle. She went on explain how the sisters differ in how they protect each other. Chlöe said Halle was more feisty, while her protective style is more rooted in communication and protection.