YouTube is home to thousands (maybe millions) of beauty gurus, influencers and trendsetters teaching us everything from how to get the perfect winged liner to what we should eat in a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While some videos prove to be extremely entertaining and binge-worthy, YouTube star Deepica Mutyala wants her viewers to go beyond the surface level and think more about "the anthropology of beauty."

With the hope of creating content that goes beyond the status-quo and appeals to brown and black women looking for their footing in the beauty world, Mutyala created TINTED. What started out as a social media campaign quickly transformed into a community used to "spark new conversations about intersectionality in the beauty space, to amplify those deserving of a broader audience, to find ways to build connections and help (the) TintFam discover beauty solutions."

PHOTO: Yahoo Lifestyle

Since launching in February, TINTED uses its social media platforms such as Instagram to share beauty products used by brown beauty bloggers called "Tintimonials," interviews with notable change agents who discussing their insight on culture and identity through their personal lenses called "Hue To Know" and they share inspirational words to live by in aesthetically pleasing graphics that could be shared with others. 

As the company continues to grow, Mutyala tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she wants the discussion surrounding "anthropology of beauty" to reach beyond beauty bloggers and create a widespread conversation among women about their relationship to their idea of beauty and what emotional/physical effects it plays in their lives. 

For Mutyala, she never claimed herself to be a makeup expert or pictured herself in the world of YouTube initially because she did not see others doing what she set out to do on her channel. Although it was discouraging at first, the support she received from family and friends encouraged her to make posts and her second YouTube video ended up going viral. 

The attention that stemmed from her "How to cover dark under eye circles" using lipstick was picked up globally and led to a massive following and even brand partnerships. Fast-forward to today, Mutyala uses her impact to encourage other women and girls to find the beauty in their ethnicity and identity overall. 

She believes TINTED is bigger than herself, which is why she chooses to not be at the center of the brand’s marketing push; she would rather use other reputable brown/black women doing incredible things and being their authentic selves. In addition to her focus of boldly representing individual's culture, Mutyala stays close to her family and showcases their traditions that dispel societal stereotypes. 

In the future, Mutyala sees TINTED becoming a product line but for now she is happy sparking up conversations and allowing community members to network, vent and share meaningful content on the TINTED platforms. 

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