As your daughter gets older, she will have to learn how to maintain and style her own hair. Once she learns a few hair techniques, she may be able to save a few dollars! After all, she won't need to visit the stylist as frequently. Even if you were not taught proper haircare skills, it doesn't mean that you can't show her a few tips. Educate yourself on properly caring for different hair textures, and incorporate what you learned into your daughter's hair care routine. Then, try walking her through the steps and have her practice by herself. She might not get it the first few times, but with your consistent training, she'll be a pro by the time she reaches adulthood. Here are some other ways to teach your daughter about proper hair care methods.

Lead By Example

One of the best ways to do this is by setting a good example in front of your baby girl. Allow your daughter to watch you as you go through your wash day routine. Talk about the shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair and the purpose of using each one. As you detangle your hair, discuss why you're doing it. You can mention that you're detangling your hair while it's damp because it makes the styling process more manageable, and it reduces tangles that might cause breakage. Also, reading some children's books about natural hair can be extremely helpful.

Show Her How to Shampoo and Condition Her Hair

Because Black hair needs plenty of moisture and nutrients, it's crucial that you teach your daughter how to shampoo properly and condition her hair. Give your daughter her own moisturizing conditioner and tell her that she will need to rub the conditioner throughout her hair after she washes her hair with the shampoo and rinses it out. Also, let her know that she should start at the ends when using conditioner then work her way up to the hair's roots. 

Give Her a Satin Bonnet

Tell your daughter that if she wants to maintain moisture at night, she needs to wear a satin bonnet when she goes to bed. Start doing this around ages three or four, and choose a comfortable bonnet that will not fall off at night.  

Discuss the Importance of Drinking Water

You may not think that drinking water is a vital part of hair health, but when your child doesn't drink enough water, her scalp can become dehydrated, and it may lead to a dry scalp. Talk to your child about the importance of drinking water daily. Replace the sodas and juices with fruit-infused water instead! 

Explain the Purposes of Certain Hair Products

It is also paramount that your daughter understands the purpose of certain hair products. Let her know that a clarifying shampoo is designed to wash away all of the product buildup. Discuss how certain hair oils are used to help detangle your hair, and seal in the moisture from the deep conditioning.

Teach Her Simple Hair Techniques

While your daughter is young, show her some basic braiding techniques, such as two-strand twists, cornrows, or even the crown braid! 

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