Dating can be quite a task in a woman’s life, which is why we are always open to receiving love advice that will get us one step closer to our future significant other. Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas has been telling us for years how to take control in intimate relationships with one of the hottest girl groups of all time, TLC, but now she is telling women of color to be open to dating outside of their race. 

"I want for women — especially for women of color — to not be so closed minded when it comes to love. God made all of us and you may not find your husband because you’re trying to stick to one group. You’ve got to be open," Chilli shared with Essence

Chilli, who considers herself mixed, went on to say: "You want the person who’s the best person for you, no matter what color he is."


The 47-year-old admitted she is still on the quest for "Mr. Right" and is holding true to her growing list of what she is looking for in her mate. 

"I know what I bring to the table."

Being open to other races has given Chilli and sense of hope that she will find her "person" because she is no longer limiting herself. She also claimed that, at this point in life, all it takes is two months for her to determine whether or not a guy is right for her. 

"I usually know after two months… I can just tell. I’ve always known," she confidently stated to Essence. "The day I turned 30, I got this kind of smartness or something, this maturity about myself… When your turn 30, you become more confident in how you feel about things, which is great. That way you can cut and weed out a lot of the BS you go through."

PHOTO: Billboard

Currently, the songstress is dating and was adamant in revealing her mystery man is "not black." She did not give anymore detail but she did say they are "testing the waters."

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