While many of us are still waiting to access the COVID vaccine in our cities, some people remain on the fence about whether or not they'll be getting vaccinated at all. Though the Johnson & Johnson vaccination has been put on pause temporarily due to blood clot concerns, there are three options available, and people have had varied experiences with them. Overall, we all want to get back to connecting with our loved ones, traveling, and feeling safe again, but knowledge is power when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Here are some personal accounts from people who've taken each vaccine. 


Noelle, New York-

"I got my dose at the same time as my mother, who has had no issues, at all, since our vaccination. However, I had pain from the injection itself and a general malaise almost immediately, but things really picked up with my second dose. I've had achy muscles, fatigue, night sweats, and severe body aches. Prior to getting my second dose, I will say that I was not eating well, sleeping well, and needed to be drinking more water. I'd say my mother's experience was better because she'd been very intentional about eating super clean and being very hydrated beforehand. That would be my suggestion for anyone considering the Pfizer vaccine."

Anonymous, Chicago- 

"My experience has been really easy. I had nothing after my first dose outside of a bit of pain at my injection point, but other than that, I was totally normal. I braced myself for the second dose, but outside of a day of feeling a little more tired than usual, there was nothing of note to report. One thing I found odd was a change in my menstruation which I read has happened to quite a few women after being vaccinated. My period was late and heavier than usual".


Lisa, Minneapolis-

"A lot of people have reported preparing for a big reaction after their second dose, but my experience was actually the opposite. I felt pretty down after my first dose and completely fine after my second. I went into my second dose with a lot of vitamins and a ton of water, hoping to stave off any adverse reactions, and I think it helped. My first dose, I went in sort of blindly because I kept reading that it wasn't the one to worry about. So, I'd suggest being very on top of vitamins and things before getting both doses."

Stephanie, Los Angeles-

 "I had no side effects for either dose, honestly. I guess my arm was a bit sore after my first dose but nothing more than what I would experience after normal blood work or shots at the doctor. And I feel just more calm now that I have it and know that I can't get anyone sick as easily."

Johnson & Johnson

Anonymous, Los Angeles- 

"I made sure to drink plenty of water and eat a really good meal before I went because I'd heard how it took some people down as it's just one dose with as much power as the two-dose options. At first, I felt fine. And then, during the night, I woke up sweaty and shaky, like if I had the flu. It was a rough night, but I felt fine by late morning the next day". 

Whatever you decide to do, 21Ninety readers, make sure you weigh all the options and make the best decision for yourself!