Daily brushing is a key component to maintaining a healthy smile. Toothpaste tablets are a mess-free and environmentally safe way to brush your pearly whites.

“These are compact, solid tablets containing the necessary ingredients for effective tooth cleaning and oral hygiene,” dual-licensed dentist and dental hygienist Kathleen Navarro told 21Ninety.

A bonus benefit to using this alternative is that the tablets are pre-portioned and come in recyclable eco-friendly packaging.

How Does the Tablet Work?

Toothpaste tablets work by using ingredients that you’d find in toothpaste to clean your teeth. 

“A toothpaste tablet is used to supplement fluoride for those who live in non-fluoridated areas,” great Smiles Buford Center dentist Beverly Zidor told 21Ninety. 

That means toothpaste tablets can contain fluoride or other ingredients (like xylitol) to power the tablet’s cleaning abilities. It is important to brush twice daily to ensure that you don’t risk experiencing fluorosis.

According to Zidor, “fluorosis is an excess of fluoride intake that leads to teeth discoloration.”

How to use a toothpaste tablet?

“Instead of squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush, you simply pop a tablet into your mouth and chew it until it dissolves or becomes a paste-like consistency,” Navarro said.

Once the tablet has turned into a paste in your mouth, just go in with a toothbrush and clean your whole mouth for two minutes total. After that Navarro explained that people should “remember to incorporate regular flossing, tongue cleaning and dental check-ups for optimal oral health.”

Both dentists note the importance of consulting your dental professional if you’re ever unsure of which works best for your mouth.

Thrive Market’s Toothpaste Tablets

Photo Courtesy of Thrive Market

Thrive Market’s peppermint-flavored tablets are fluoride-free. Each tablet has nano-hydroxyapatite. It’s a fluoride replacement that maintains the health of your teeth. The main cleaning agent is xylitol.

As for packaging, Thrive Market’s 90 toothpaste tablets come in a reusable recyclable jar.

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits have nano hydroxyapatite, which is a fluoride replacement. It also has xylitol to give a toothpaste-quality clean.  

You get 124 vegan tablets, portioned into two 62-count jars. Refill, reuse or recycle the jars when you’re done with the two-month supply of tablets.

Unpaste Tooth’s Tabs

Photo Courtesy of Zero Waste Outlet

Unpaste’s Tooth Tabs has fluoride and offers the best zero-waste experience. These 125 tablets come in recyclable paper packaging.

All you have to do is choose between the mint or cinnamon flavor.

Weldental’s Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Weldental’s whitening tablets use a combination of xylitol and baking soda to clean teeth, instead of fluoride. The formula does not have harsh abrasives.

The 60 tablets come in a refillable or recyclable, glass jar.

Simplut’s Chewable Toothpaste Tablets

Don’t mistake this tin of Simplut Chewable tablets for mints. These tablets that use fluoride to clean the surface of your teeth like a traditional toothpaste would. 

Hello’s Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Hello’s Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablets have four key ingredients to clean teeth: peppermint, tea tree oil, coconut oil and xylitol.

The 60 fluoride-free tablets come in a refillable tall tin.

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