When it comes to Black hair care, there are several brands that are constantly in rotation. One brand that you cannot leave out of the conversation is Mielle Organics and its line of hair products. The hair care brand has been making many headlines lately as well, which keeps them in everyone’s heads (literally and figuratively). The company has been having quite the moment.

At the top of the year, the popularity of Mielle grew after several TikTok users reviewed the brand’s products. They praised the company’s Rosemary Mint Oil and its “magical” powers to grow hair. The users who were boasting about the product were primarily all white. Black social media users banded together online in hopes of protecting the company’s products. The Black customers were concerned that as more white consumers used Mielle, the company would begin to shift its focus. Black customers worried Mielle would begin catering to the hair needs of those white customers as opposed to its original target audience’s kinky, coily curls.

Amid all of the outrage, the company did, however, make some big changes. In an effort to expand access to its product line, Mielle Organics was acquired by company Procter & Gamble. P&G also owns brands like Tide and Pampers. Mielle said in an Instagram post that it has no plans to its product’s formulas. The company also stated it will operate as an independent subsidiary of P&G Beauty. Founder and CEO, Monique Rodriguez, confirmed that with the sale she will still remain as CEO and COO.

Why People Love Mielle Organics

With all of the hype around the brand, we are left with the simple question, does Mielle Organics really work? There are several products that customers swear by. From moisture retention to hair growth, Mielle might just be the holy grail. We’ve scoured the internet for the top Mielle hair products that the people want to get their hands on, so you can too.

Mielle Rosemary Mint Styling Bundle Set

We have to start with what had everyone up in arms in only the first month of 2023! This bundle set includes the infamous Rosemary Mint Oil. But it’s not limited to just the oil. The bundle also includes a shampoo, hair masque, daily cream and edge gel. If everyone was going crazy over an oil that magically grew their hair, just imagine what the rest of this line can do!

Rice Water & Aloe Vera Blend

Another trend that was popular only a few years ago was the use of rice water. Many social media users would brag about how long their hair grew after washing their hair using it. According to rice water converts, it improves the strength, texture, and growth of hair. Mielle decided to take the trend and run with it. This bundle mixes rice water with the moisture that aloe vera provides. The set will give your hair just what it needs to grow and glow.

Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Bundle

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Mielle Organics has made it very clear that this collection was specifically for the 4c girlies. The brand’s pomegranate and honey collection is filled with natural ingredients. These ingredients are delicately chosen to provide your curly hair with the nutrients it needs. This bundle is definitely worth the coins as it includes a range of products. With this set you’ll receive a moisturizing & detangling sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, curl smoothie, curl refreshing spray, twisting souffle, curl sculpting custard, and super hold edge gel. What more could you possibly ask for?

Mielle RX Hawaiian Ginger Bundle

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Raise your hand if you haven’t been giving your hair the love it deserves? This collection is perfect for girls who want to start giving their hair the TLC it deserves. The RX Hawaiian Ginger line is infused with ingredients such as Avocado and Ginger. The brand boasts that this collection transforms your dry, thirsty curls to shiny, hydrated, healthier hair.

MIELLE Oats & Honey Soothing Collection Bundle

This collection is for those who need more sensitive treatment. The brands says that the Oats & Honey collection is its most gentle collection yet. The line is targeted towards customers with sensitive scalps. Although the line can be used by anyone, some people have reactions to certain chemicals and ingredients that are purposefully excluded from this line. Oats and Honey is formulated to be non-stripping and will not irritate or damage your scalp.

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