Podcasts for Black women are important. They provide a platform for an often marginalized group to hare their experiences and perspectives in mainstream media. The range of podcast offerings are as vast and nuanced as the Black experience itself. Creators are developing shows on topics from finance to mental health and everything in between. 21Ninety has rounded up some of the best podcasts that cater to Black women. Kick back this weekend, turn on a podcast or two and soak up the entertainment, knowledge and fun.

Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls” is a weekly podcast by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Bradford is a licensed psychologist and a wealth of experience. In her podcast, she regularly features a range of guests, including mental health professionals, authors, and community leaders. These guests share their wealth of experience with listeners.

Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro” is a podcast and online community founded by Nicaila Matthews Okome. With featured interviews from successful Black women entrepreneurs, Okome empowers and inspires Black women to turn their side hustles into profitable businesses. The podcast features a range of guests. Guests include bloggers, authors, coaches, and other entrepreneurs, who share t\strategies for building a successful brand.

The Balanced Black Girl Podcast

The “Balanced Black Girl” podcast is a wellness podcast by Lestraundra Alfred. It focuses on promoting wellness and self-care for Black women through various relevant discussions. The podcast features interviews with wellness experts who provide insights on healthy eating and mental wellness. Additionally, the podcast features solo episodes where Alfred shares her experiences and insights on wellness topics.

The Inimitable Black Woman

The Inimitable Black Woman” is a podcast by Otegha Uwagba, a writer and speaker based in London, UK. On the podcast, Black women from various fields, including arts, culture, business, and activism, share their stories. Through honest and vulnerable conversations, the podcast aims to highlight the stories and experiences of Black women who are making a significant impact in their fields. Guests on the show have included filmmaker Amma Asante and writer and commentator Afua Hirsch. Journalist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup has also made an appearance.

On 1 With Angela Rye

Angela Rye is known for keeping it real, and her podcast is no exception. In “On 1 With Angela Rye,” the political commentator tackles important issues in a candid and unfiltered way. With her signature style of fearless truth-telling and unapologetic advocacy for social justice, Rye brings the real without holding back.