Warning: This post contains spoilers from Zakiya Dalila Harris’ “The Other Black Girl” Novel

The newly released trailer for “The Other Black Girl” has sparked conversation around the book and its messaging. The horror television series is based on a fictional book of the same title written by Zakiya Dalila Harris. Hulu released the trailer for the series on Wednesday to varying reactions. While some people received the news with excitement, lauding the release of another piece of Black Horror, others have expressed skepticism about the book’s interrogation of white supremacy and how that will be interpreted through the new series. The book also uses Black hair as a vital tool to advance the plot, increasing its already contentious status.

The Discourse Around “The Other Black Girl”

The “Other Black Girl” was published in 2021 following an over $1 million auction. The book, through the lens of horror, explores the dynamics of being Black and female in the workplace. The book was generously reviewed with the Kirkus Review calling Harris’ writing style, “brilliant.” The review describes the book as “a biting social satire–cum-thriller; dark, playful, and brimming with life.”

In a review for The Guardian, Regina Porter wrote that she wished Harris had been given “more room” in her writing.

“To set up consistent signposts, and to delve more deeply into some of the secondary characters and subplots for greater clarity and balance. But it is true that daring novels often break with form and take chances. Readers should relish this glimpse into the publishing world and its original take on black professional women striving to hold on to their authentic selves and their tresses,” Porter wrote.

The ending of the book, which suggests a recurrence of an existing evil, and doesn’t provide a redemption arc for the character has been the main source of skepticism for many since the release of the trailer.

“I loved the book but hopefully they change“that” ending lol and I really wanted Kiki Layne and Keke Palmer as Nella and Hazel,” one user commented referring to the two main characters in the book.

The series is being produced by Rashida Jones and stars Sinclair Daniel and Ashleigh Murray. It will be available to stream on September 13.