With bathing suit season on the horizon, it’s crucial to embrace the notion that your “summer body” is simply your current body. Navigating the world of bathing suits and bikinis can be daunting, particularly as not all options have historically been inclusive. Nonetheless, everyone deserves to feel at ease while basking in the sun, swimming, or lounging poolside in swimwear that not only exudes trendiness and style but also embraces size diversity and sustainability.

Swimwear, whether adorned with cut-outs, vibrant patterns, sleek one-pieces, or uniquely shaped bikini tops, has long been a canvas for trendy designs and functionality. This summer, the biggest bikini trends are cut-outs, and swimwear that doesn’t actually look like swimwear, taking on a non-traditional style and silhouette. Aside from that, metallics and graphic bikinis and one-pieces have been donned by it-girls who have been taking their pre-summer get away Instagram pictures. Below, we’ve handpicked a selection of our preferred sustainable, size-inclusive swimwear brands from small businesses.

Best Low V One- Piece

X Vanessa Wild Whisper Belted Monokini Swimsuit

Not only is the pattern the perfect style match for the upcoming summer season, but the low V-neck gives this one-piece a sensual look in comparison to the standard swimsuit.

Best Full Coverage Swim Shorts

Fruity Booty Zoe Swim Shorts

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Fruity Booty

This style of swim short is definitely a nod to yesteryear. There’s nothing wrong with tapping into your inner child in your adulthood, especially when it comes to one of the better childlike wonders: swimming.

Best Full Coverage Swim Top

Fruity Booty Cherry Lima Swim

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Fruity Booty

The same goes for this top. For those who prefer a more conservative look for swimming, this camisole-inspired swim top is not only full-coverage but covered in a print that will make you regret leaving this in your cart.

Best Wide Straps

CUPSHE Women Swimsuit Plus Size Bikini Top

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

There’s nothing like a ribbed bikini top to accentuate your best attributes, but the tie-knot in the front of the top and the full-coverage fit for your breasts just make this an all-around perfect top for the beach.

Best Accessorized Bikini Top

Yevrah Swim Capri Basic Bikini Top

Photo Courtesy of Revolve

The gold hardware on this bikini not only screams Y2K but is also a great way to accessorize your standard bikini when you can’t wear jewelry to the beach or in the water.

Best Shapely One Piece

Yitty Shaping Swim Demi One Piece

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Yitty

You just can’t beat a classic shapely one-piece that holds everything in place and takes the pressure of being at the beach less about the appearance of your body and more about how comfortable you feel.

Best High Cut Bikini Bottom

ZAFUL Womens High Cut Thong Bikini Set Swimsuits

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

A multi-colored, patterned, and high-cut thong is everything you could possibly want in a bikini. Not only is this a full-set bikini, which is extremely hard to find these days, especially as an affordable set, but the drawstring cinching makes this bikini extremely flattering.

Best Long-Sleeve SwimSuit

Good American Compression Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Whether you’re surfing or swimming, this zip-up Good America Long Sleeve Swim will be sure to compress your figure and hug your curves.

Best Ruched Swimsuit

Viottiset Womens Ruched High Cut One Piece Swimsuit

The Viottiset Women’s Ruched High-Cut One-Piece Swimsuit takes the look of a standard black one-piece and elevates it with a curve-hugging shape and compression material, along with more feminine straps that are sure to give this one-piece a daintier look.

Best Backless Bathing Suit

Daci Plus Size One Piece Sexy V Neck Bathing Suit

Although this may just look like a regular black one-piece, this black plus-size swimsuit is special with its see-through hollow-out and V-neck. The high-waisted line accentuates your curves, and the cut-out lace gives this piece a lot of dimension.

Best Front-Tied Bikini

Birdsong Charmed Romance Tie Front Bikini

Photo Courtesy of Bare Necessities

You really can’t go wrong with a floral one-piece suit, it’s classic.

Best Color Bathing Suit

Yevrah Swim Positano V Neck One Piece

Besides the jaw-dropping deep V neckline of this swimsuit, the single gold waist chain pays homage to the early aughts, making the color, shape, and accessories extremely on-trend.

Best Cut Out Swimsuit

Cut Out Cheeky One Piece Swimsuit

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Victorias Secret

In an attempt to spice it up a little, the Cut Out Cheeky One-Piece Swimsuit offers cut-outs in a way that changes the whole appearance of the swimsuit. If you’re looking for a unique perspective on the safe and conservative look of one-pieces, I’d start with the curvy asymmetrical shape and size of this suit.

Best Strapless Bathing Suit

Skims Strapless Cut Out Monokini

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Skims

If there’s one thing Skims knows how to do, it’s make a monokini. Be it in glitter, metallic, or a standard color, their ability to enhance the silhouette and utilize innovative compression materials to sculpt one’s figure in a single piece makes it an essential addition to any wardrobe in and out of the pool.

Best Embellished Bathing Suit

Brigitte Boca sequin-embellished one-piece

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Brigitte

If you’re seeking an unconventional take on a one-piece, adorned with embellishments, bold graphics, and vibrant colors, then the Brigitte Boca sequin-embellished one-piece is the swimsuit for you.

Best Pattern

Frankies Bikinis X Out From Under Cruise One-Piece Swimsuit

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

The triangle cups, cutout sides, crossed back strap, gingham print and mini bows means this piece has coquette written all over it.

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