Intuition is a powerful element and can often keep us out of harmful situations. Many of us experience ‘gut feelings‘ that are often so intangible and inexplicable, there’s no other explanation than accepting that intuition is spiritual and exists for a reason.

The primary issue is that we often do not listen to our intuition, and this often leads to situations that we regret down the road.

Everyone has intuition and gut feelings. And here are four ways to improve trusting yours.

Recognize It

An intuitive feeling is not shy to boldly present itself. For example, if you meet a person and for some reason, they seem “off” to you, but then you go ahead to involve them in your life, chances are that when they show their true colors, you will remember your first impression of them, and regret not following your instincts.

The next time you feel something so strongly within your gut, chest or heart, take a moment to pause and fully examine and recognize it. When we recognize our intuition, then there are better chances that we can become more closely attuned with it.

Trust Your Gut: Here's How To Improve Your Intuition
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Meditation is a practice that is effective because it helps you to tune into a mindful state by focusing. This usually involves a sharp recognition of the present. When we become distracted, it becomes easy to lose touch with intuition and makes it difficult to listen to what it has to say.

Intuition is a gift that is more effective when we are present in the ‘now.’ Meditation also helps to awaken our subconscious minds and see life through clear eyes.

Trust Your Gut: Here's How To Improve Your Intuition
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Journaling may seem ineffective at first, but it is a powerful way to chronicle your hunches, no matter how small and reflect on how accurate they are. Writing down what you have experienced can be a beneficial way to physically capture what you felt. In that way, when the time comes for you to go back and examine what you initially thought, it reinforces your trust for your intuition.

Trust Your Gut: Here's How To Improve Your Intuition
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Work On Trust

Many times, we become numb to our intuition because we do not believe it. We think it’s too trivial and we do not trust our gut. The more trust we show in our intuitive thoughts, the greater results we get. In many ways, many of the problems we encounter would not exist if we learned how to strategically trust our intuitions, and by extension, ourselves.

In many ways, our intuitions are our guardian angels, and so putting in the effort to make it sharper, will pay off in the long run.