Many of us have experienced rejection at one point or another in our lives. While there are different types of rejection, career rejection takes the cake. If you have been in the job market and have actively been looking for work, then you know how daunting it can be to attend interviews and put your best foot forward. If you have had the opportunity to get invited by the company to the second and third interviews, then your hopes may have skyrocketed. But what happens when after the interview, you get no callback, no job offer, and cricket silence? The optimist in you may tell you to keep hoping for a miracle, but sometimes, the reality is that the company offered the job to someone else.

After this kind of rejection happens, it can be hard for your self-confidence not to get trashed. The good news is that there is hope for building your self-esteem after this happens. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Don’t sweat it

If you want to become unstoppable in the career playing field, it is essential not to allow the word "No," to stop you from continuing to push. Some of the world's most successful people did not become a success overnight. With grit and determination, you can bounce back and continue to reach out to the companies at the top of your list. Do not allow anything to keep you from dreaming big, believing in your work ethic and the value you could bring to any company's proverbial table. The more rejection you face, the easier it is to become confident through that rejection. Don't sweat it. Work it.

Remove Expectations

After a good job interview, it can become tempting to become attached to the role or company. This can be a bad idea for a few reasons. If, for any reason, you do not get the job offer, the rejection can feel especially devastating. To solve this potential problem, don't fantasize about the job, compensation, or work culture. Instead, try to remind yourself that there is a high likelihood that the job may not work out. As harsh as this sounds, this mindset will help you keep an open mind throughout the process, and if the rejection eventually comes, you can brush it off and move on to the next option. If you do get the position, that will be another pleasant surprise.

Let It Go

In a world where people have become overly obsessed with gaining closure after an event has happened, sometimes, it is better to let things go. If you decide to hold onto the hurt of why you were turned down for a job, you may end up sabotaging your next job opportunity. Sometimes in life, it is best to move on without closure and keep a positive outlook, knowing that there are brighter days ahead. You will discover that this will give you a new perspective and help you feel more positive about the future.