Tyra Banks has forever been “that girl” in the modeling world.

The 48-year-old is known for her momentous career, making a name for herself as the first Black woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. And teaching the world how to “smize” on “America’s Next Top Model.”

At the age of 45, Banks even returned from retirement and proved that age is no match for her beauty, gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated for the second time. And looking absolutely stunning. 

For her latest venture, Banks has decided to curate a full experience of the world that she knows best. An experience that she calls ModelLand, named after her 2011 novel.


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The 10,000-square-foot venture is located at the Santa Monica Place shopping mall. And the experience invites guests to discover, and groom, their inner model. 

Along the excursion, guests will acquire the knowledge to determine their best poses, capture flawless photos, and even learn to smize.

Posing professionals will also be on-site to share industry tips and aid guests as they make their way through spaces called the “model school,” the “wig room,” the “bedroom,” and the “dance studio.”


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“For so long, I’ve been describing ModelLand as an immersive experience,” Banks told WWD in an exclusive email. “In our final night of rehearsals, someone told me it was beyond an immersive experience; that it was interactive and that they had no idea how much the show is truly about the guests that come.”

“But it didn’t start this way,” Banks continued. “Years ago it was much more story-driven, a narrative about fictitious characters. But because our opening was stalled due to COVID-19 challenges, we had time to reevaluate the creative and tweak it to make the guest the star.”

The entire ModelLand experience is expected to last between 60 to 90 minutes. All ages of guests are welcome to enter the excursion and general ticket pricing begins at $35.

Guests even have the option to purchase a VIP pass for $225.