For many women, pregnancy is an amazing time in their lives. Growing a little human is a serious feat, as it marks the start of a new chapter in their lives. But for all the joy and anticipation that comes with being pregnant, it’s not without some hiccups. 

Most people are familiar with pregnancy symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, and morning sickness. These tend to be most pronounced during the first trimester. But even symptoms like a heightened sense of smell, sore breasts, and more frequent trips to the bathroom are incredibly common in early pregnancy

However, there are a few uncommon symptoms that a pregnant woman might be surprised to experience in her first month. In fact, these unexpected symptoms might just be the first indicator that a woman is pregnant. 

Leg Cramps

Who would think that muscle cramping anywhere other than the pelvic region could be associated with pregnancy? However, those unexplained leg cramps might be a sign that there’s a bun in the oven. Experts believe that random cramps in a woman’s arms and legs during early pregnancy could be because of either an electrolyte imbalance, vitamin deficiency, or even the joints and ligaments beginning to loosen to prepare for that growing baby bump. 

Getting Sick More Frequently

Almost every pregnancy symptom can be attributed to the fact that a woman is now doing every little thing for two. And similarly, that immune system is now trying to support two instead of one which means that pregnant women have lower immunity. So, it’s not uncommon for a pregnant woman to find herself coming down with a runny nose, sore throat, or even the cold or flu more often than before she conceived. 

Lower Sex Drive

Suddenly not in the mood? Pregnancy hormones might be to blame. Sex drive and hormones are directly linked, and it’s already a known fact that being in the mood to get busy can fluctuate throughout the month, even in women who aren’t pregnant. Similarly, don’t be surprised if achieving a big finish gets harder and those O’s more elusive. 


No one enjoys a nosebleed. But again, blame this funky symptom on those ever-present pregnancy symptoms. In most cases, a nosebleed isn’t serious and can easily be managed at home. 

Acne Breakouts

Some people already have acne before pregnancy. But those pesky pregnancy hormones can make this fairly common skin condition worse. Thankfully, this is something that can be managed by switching up that skincare routine by using pregnancy-safe products to control oil production and keep pores clear. Similarly, switch to oil-free cosmetics and avoid picking at pimples. 

Dizzy Spells

This symptom might be shocking to some people, but yes, early pregnancy can often come with dizzy spells. Chalk this one up to the “doing for two” situation. Pregnancy leads to increased blood flow and more dilated blood vessels. That means that ultimately, a pregnant woman has naturally lower blood pressure (assuming she’s not dealing with gestational hypertension), which can cause dizziness. 

Similarly, low blood sugar can also be to blame. Try to curb this symptom by eating small meals regularly throughout the day and working to maintain stress levels. 

Weird Tastes in the Mouth

As if scent aversion isn’t enough to deal with, some pregnant women may notice that there’s a weird metallic taste in their mouths. Experts attribute this wacky symptom to hormones. While some people have metallic tastes, others may literally feel like their mouths have way more saliva than before pregnancy. 

Shortness of Breath

This might seem like an unexpected symptom of early pregnancy. This is especially true since it’s also a common symptom in the third trimester when it makes more sense. After all, once that bump is nearing its final size, it’s understandable that a woman might get short of breath when she’s walking, talking, or engaged in any activity while carrying around a little human in her belly. But again, the hormone progesterone can cause shortness of breath in the early stages of pregnancy as well. 

Knowing When to See a Doctor

For most people, early pregnancy symptoms are fairly harmless and won’t negatively impact the mom or baby. However, if any of the above symptoms are so intense that they interfere with daily life or cause pain, see a doctor.