Accessorizing has become deeply rooted in Black culture, serving as a powerful tool for self-expression, cultural preservation and the celebration of Black identity, while fostering a sense of pride, unity, and empowerment within the community. So, it’s no wonder that accessories have the power to complete any fire outfit. Imagine a wardrobe with pain-free pumps that won’t cramp your style, eccentric eyewear, exquisite beaded earrings that mesmerize, and opulent bags that elevate any look to new heights. Check out these accessory pioneers highlighted in the She’s Next In Fashion, Empowered by Visa campaign. 

By recognizing the systemic funding disparities faced by minority and women-owned small businesses in the fashion industry, She’s Next In Fashion, Empowered by Visa, uplifts these entrepreneurs. Through a dedicated focus on fashion and beauty, Visa is providing essential support to women-owned businesses, ensuring that these talented entrepreneurs have the resources and visibility they need to thrive.

Ally Shoes

Samantha Dong has cracked the code to comfortable heels with Ally Shoes. Each pair is designed with patented ergonomic support structure and sizing options include four different widths. Grab the classic Black Leather Pump and be set for any occasion.


Vontélle is a Black-owned, designed, and operated luxury eyewear company whose designs reflect textiles and prints from the African Diaspora. When Tracy Green and Nancey Harris couldn’t find the diverse style frames they wanted, they decided to create their own. The Ankara Aviators are a must-have for summer!

Cheyanne Symone

Brittany Turner is the driving force behind the indigenous jewelry brand known as Cheyanne Symone. Her goal is to craft versatile pieces that complement everyday professional attire while making strikingly bold statements. She did just that with the Ivory Classic Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings.

de María

de María is a unique line of ethical accessories that celebrates the strength of design collaboration across different borders. By collaborating with artisan workshops in Mexico, de María is able to co-create unique small leather goods and shoes using local materials. Relive some childhood memories and snag a pair of Carmela Sandals.

Cesta Collective

Courtney Fasciano and Erin Ryder’s mission to create meaningful and ethically-crafted handbags gave life to Cesta Collective. With a commitment to sustainability, their baskets are handwoven by female artisans in Rwanda, using locally-sourced, renewable resources. Each piece is meticulously finished by hand in Italy using carefully selected clean  materials–just like this trendy Woven Handle Lunch Pail.

Juno Jones

Juno Jones crafts stylish and durable performance boots for women working in industries with potential foot hazards. By collaborating with women in fields that are traditionally male-dominated industries such as construction, engineering, and architecture, Juno Jones aims to create innovative safety footwear options. Work hard, but make it fashion in the Steel Toe Meti II Boots in the color cherry bomb.

Santos by Monica

Say hello to Santos by Monica, a remarkable brand founded by Latina entrepreneur Monica Santos. Their mission? To revolutionize fashion by combining eco-friendly materials, local production, and timeless designs. Rock the Pilar Hobo Bag and look fabulous while positively impacting the planet.


Wildling’s mission is to enhance skin longevity and overall well-being through beauty and wellness solutions that harness the power of plants, stones, and the cosmos. Their offerings include skincare, beauty tools, and wellness rituals guided by experts in holistic esthetics. Take your skincare plant-based with their Empress Collection Set.

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