As the countdown to Super Bowl LVIII continues, anticipation swirls around the main event: the halftime show. This year, R&B and pop music fans are in for a treat as Usher will grace the stage. With the longest halftime show in history confirmed, there’s no telling what surprises he has in store, including potential special guests.

When it comes to Usher’s performances, one thing is certain: he knows how to captivate an audience. When it comes to his collaborations, the singer’s are always well thought out and catchy. Over the years, Usher has teamed up with some of the industry’s most talented Black women, creating iconic hits that have stood the test of time. From Alicia Keys to Beyoncé, these powerhouse vocalists have lent their voices to some of Usher’s biggest songs.

So, as everyone anticipates one of the biggest shows this year, here’s to hoping at least some of these Black women join Usher on the Super Bowl stage.

Alicia Keys

Credit: Usher/YouTube

One of the most anticipated collaborations is Usher’s reunion with Alicia Keys. The duo first joined forces on the chart-topping hit “My Boo,” and their chemistry on stage is undeniable. With both artists known for their incredible vocal abilities and dynamic stage presence, a performance at Super Bowl LVIII would be nothing short of epic.

Mariah Carey

Credit: Mariah Carey/YouTube

Another one of Usher’s beloved collaborations is with Mariah Carey. Rumors suggest that Usher and Mariah Carey, two titans of R&B, will join forces to deliver unforgettable moments with their powerhouse vocals during the Super Bowl halftime show.


Credit: Greg Matys/YouTube

Another special guest fans would love to see is Monica! Known for their hit duet “Slow Jam,” the duo’s reunion would not disappoint. With their soulful vocals and undeniable talent, they would surely deliver a show-stopping performance.

Ella Mai

Credit: Usher/YouTube

Ella Mai could also be a potential special guest performance. Mai’s fresh, soulful vocals on “Don’t Waste My Time” make it the perfect single for the halftime show’s stage.


Credit: Usher/YouTube

Could H.E.R. make a special guest appearance with the “Yeah” singer? H.E.R.’s soulful sound compliments the singer’s vocals beautifully on their song “Risk It All.” It would be a beautiful way to slow down the show and enjoy the melodies.

Summer Walker

Credit: Summer Walker/YouTube

Fans would surely be pleased if Usher brought out the soulful songstress Summer Walker during the Super Bowl halftime show. Known for her haunting vocals and passionate performances, Walker would have the crowd in a trance.


Credit: Usher/YouTube

While Queen Bey is known to be elusive, she has graced the Super Bowl stage before. So another appearance isn’t too far fetched, right?! Plus, Beyoncé’s hubby, Jay-Z, is the man behind planning of the halftime show. If Usher and Beyoncé team up for a performance it’s sure to be electrifying.