If you’re looking to impress your boo this Valentine’s Day, the best way to their heart is a thoughtful date tailored to their love language. Long gone are the days of boring, seen-and-done dates. It’s time to add a little extra love to your date planning and get into the psychology behind the perfect date. We’ve put together some Valentine’s Day date ideas for every love language because if you’re gonna do it, do Valentine’s right!

The five love languages highlight how different people with different personality traits like to be loved. Understanding your partner’s love language is the key that makes it all make sense. Trust us. If you haven’t already, we recommend taking the test as a couple to understand what your primary love languages are.

The Five love languages are:

Physical Touch

Quality Time

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service


Ready for some inspiration? Here is a list of date ideas for every love language

Read on to find out how to do Valentine’s right with these tailored date ideas for every love language.

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Physical Touch as a love language

This Feb. 14 is your chance to turn things up a notch. Your physical touch partner needs non-verbal, sensory communication – lots of it. In fact, anyone whose primary love language is physical touch feels valued when they are held, in its many meanings. It’s all in the body language, the unspoken communication, and the nearness. Spoil your partner with lots of (welcomed!) hugs, kisses, and touch to let them know that you’ve got them.

The date: We recommend creating an at-home spa to indulge all the senses all night long. Remember that for your partner, experiencing love is certainly a bodily thing. This means that bodily intimacy should be the basis of the date rather than an add-on. With this in mind, ensure to provide your date with the full spa experience and go above and beyond to make them feel special. If you’re more about celebrating outside of the house, then another date option could be going out to dance together or even joining a class. Dancing requires you to be in sync and extremely attuned to your partner’s body so it is sure to make them feel valued and loved.

Quality Time as a love language

Quality Time people simply want premium VIP treatment from their boo, often. For this love language, nothing beats undivided attention to get the heart fluttering. Most people who feel loved by quality time really are about setting uninterrupted time aside to be connected. It’s heavy on the eye-contact, the inside jokes, and do not think of touching your phone mid-conversation. Valentine’s Day is cute and all but in reality, the QT person in your life wants to feel like priority 1, even from the comfort of the couch. Without a doubt, their ideal love feels like you’re the only two people in the world. Whether snuggling or fine dining, reserve quality time as a non-negotiable cornerstone of the relationship.

The date: Start new traditions this year and keep the love fresh. Sharing memories that are special and exclusive to your QT person will not go unnoticed. You can’t go wrong with a home-cooked meal together. Apply all of the pressure with a candle-lit garden picnic surrounded by nature, away from distractions. We don’t have to tell you that this date will be a no-phone zone so your love doesn’t feel like a backup. If time allows, consider extending the date to a weekend retreat away to get to know a whole new city, state, or country together.

Words of Affirmation as a love language

You can’t be quiet and love your Words of Affirmation bae, you need to make yourself heard. Communication is undeniably the key to their heart. For sure your partner feels most loved when you simply tell them – in many ways – like quotes, poems, good morning messages, random ‘did you eat?’ texts, TikTok videos, you name it. An unsolicited compliment and an encouraging word mean the world for Words of Affirmation lovers. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make them feel all of the feels by ramping up your wordsmith talents.

The date: The day is here so make sure your sweetheart feels the love. Set the tone right and blast the ’90s R&B love songs, fill the card until there is no space left while you let the 12-minute voice notes run on. Let them know what it is that you love about them and the relationship you’re creating. Some great date ideas could be to lean into the lovey vibe at a poetry night or an intimate live music bar. Even better if you can secure tickets to see their favorite artist and sing your hearts out together.

Acts of Service as a love language

Ever heard the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’? Yeah, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was created for or by an Act of Service lover. If you want to truly demonstrate your love through acts of service, you have to raise the oxytocin levels by saying “I already did X for you, go lie down.” This is the love language to make going out on a whim the norm. Oftentimes it is misunderstood as being the love language largely about having chores done. There might be an element of this, but it is largely about offering them ease wherever possible. Think soft life meets cleared calendar for the afternoon.

The date: For the Acts of Servicer, the trick really is in the detail. How about a surprise evening date? Surprising your partner ensures that they don’t have to be responsible for much and allows them to feel cared for. It also shows how well you know them and their interests, so make notes! Prep a playlist of their favorite songs, keep their glass topped-up with their favorite beverage, set the table, and serve dinner or have a reservation in their all-time favorite restaurant. When you’ve finished dining, be sure to have the bath run and ready with their fave products and scents. We’d recommend lots of planning in advance to ensure that your date feels light and seamless, your partner will likely appreciate the orderliness and feel good seeing you as at peace as they are.

Receiving gifts as a love language

For the gift lover, Valentine’s Day is a seemingly easy one. You can easily put a smile on their face by gifting them something they’ve had their eyes on. As time progresses in the relationship though, it is important to keep the gifts fresh and reflective of the growing intimacy. Meaningful and thoughtful gifts go a long way for those who like to receive presents. These are not your average material gworls and guys, they want to know that you listen, observe, and appreciate them with a prettily wrapped token of love.

The date: Since your boo is sentimental, why not gift them something that will evoke the warmest emotions every time they look at it. Some date ideas include going to an art class together and gifting each other the painting made during the session. This principle could also work well with a photo shoot. You could hire a photographer and take some stunning photos together, have it printed and framed, and gift that as a long-lasting memory. A gift and a good time all in one, you’re welcome!

These are just a few of our ideas for original Valentine’s Day date ideas for every love language. As always, we recommend getting creative and personalizing the date so the love of your life feels special. We hope this love day hits all the expectations and then some!

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