Valentine’s Day is not the time to let your guard down romantically or creatively. Think passion, intention, and the spirit of overdoing it. Doing Valentine’s Day according to each zodiac sign is worth checking out, just to ensure you’re not serving the wrong type of romance. The way you impress a Virgo is not the way you impress a Gemini, for starters. There’s a few things to take notes on before making an irreversible Valentine’s Day error.


There is no way that an Aries is going to take a dull date seriously, especially with their competitive streak which will see them wanting to brag about their Valentine’s night with friends. Active Aries really needs Valentine’s Day to feed their love for being unmistakeably top tier and very very fun. Nothing lukewarm will do, they want an exciting, hands-on type of date.


If you haven’t noticed, Taurus is all about living a life that reflects their rich and vivid inner life. They don’t do compromise when it comes to luxury or quality (or food). Whatever you do, don’t plan anything too extreme or non-traditional, this is a sign that exudes classic romance since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. Keep them in their comfort zone without cutting corners (or costs!)


Talkative Gemini would rather anything than a boring, ordinary, red-rose-adorned date night. This sign is bursting with mental energy and needs Valentine’s Day to accommodate for their larger-than-life personality. To keep their minds from wandering, they need something and someone that is mentally stimulating and far from typical. Also, be sure to leave space for Gemini’s charisma to shine through; they are masters of thinking up ways to make you blush and always want to prove it.


Valentine’s Day for this zodiac sign is all about being overbearingly loved up, so try not to be too blasé about your Cancer’s bear hugs all day long. Deep connection is also preferred over superficial and rushed attempts at romance. Keep the romance simple since Cancer is ruled by the moon and pure emotion is all they need to feel close to you.


Leo’s like to spoil and be spoiled. Valentine’s Day is not the time to be subtle. Don’t let the lions of the zodiac feel side-lined on Valentine’s (big no). They want to see you place value on a good time in a way that speaks creatively to your specific bond/relationship. Note that Leos don’t like Valentine’s to be the only display of bold love. Make sure you can commit to this level of effort and get even more impressive as you learn and share your essence with Leo.  


Classic Virgo usually intimidates daters since it’s hard to impress the person who has it all (and regularly gives themself no less than what they know they deserve). It wouldn’t go down well if you backed away from the challenge and made super-independent Virgo feel like they have to do everything. Take initiative and plan a lavish and beautifully plated dinner for your Virgo love.


Lover people of the zodiac stand up. This is the one sign in the entire zodiac that practically treats every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. To ruin Valentine’s Day for a Libra would be hard to bounce back from. Ruled by Venus, Libra cherishes loving gestures and going above-and-beyond in the name of romance. Librans want the day to be full of positivity and affirmation, so not wearing your heart on your sleeve will backfire. You’ll also regret slacking on aesthetics and appearance too (nobody does pretty like Libra).


A Scorpio is down to have a lowkey Valentines, but don’t mistake this as a thoughtless Valentine’s. Scorpios aren’t known to be the baddies of the zodiac for no reason, they’re notriously likely to hold a grudge. This water sign retains memory for a while, so try to make this a good memory where you didn’t neglect intimacy, avoided fake emotions and indulged in quality time until the last second of February 14.


Whatever you do, don’t let a vibrant Sag see you fail the vibe check. This zodiac sign is ecstatic in love and likes to keep the love burning in spotaneous ways, so lackluster energy will ruin the day. Don’t shame your Sagittarius person for loving out loud, wanting to take an impromptu baecation, or not wanting to compromise on an unforgettable night. Be on the same page, maybe even a step ahead.


What a Capricorn wants is a Valentine’s Day that is both personal and the blueprint. They can’t be embarrassed by a low standard Valentine’s day because they know they’re capable of more. Ruled by Saturn, they also value order. Don’t be messy and unorganized and definitely don’t let this nurturing sign realize that you don’t actually know their love language.


Don’t be fooled, love and romance doesn’t give the Aquarius in your life the ick. Assuming that the eccentric Aquarius doesn’t want affection is way off. Save yourself and treat your Aquarius love to a date that speaks to their wandering spirit; new music, authenticity and lots of boldness is what they crave this Valentine’s. While corniness will never woo Aquarius’ heart, non-conforming, creatively crafted dates will, every time.


To keep the Pisces in your life happy this Valentine’s Day, you have to deep dive into your emotions and your imagination too. This zodiac sign is most likely to have planned something incredibly thoughtful months before, so coming with a weak, seen-and-done date idea will pain their daydreaming hearts. Remember that Pisces is a sucker for gifting and making adorable memories while in love. Why miss the opportunity to out-cute Pisces on Valentine’s Day?