When it comes to your natal chart, different placements and aspects can give you insight on many different things. Your Mars sign can indicate your drive and how you relate to work. On the other hand, your Mercury sign can give you insight on your communication style and creative output.

Venus, the planet of all things femininity and beauty, is who you should look to when you want insight on relationships, pleasure, and of course, fashion. As the summer heat continues to get hotter, the need to purge your wardrobe only grows. Doing so is the perfect opportunity to find new ways to express the versions of yourself you’ve that have evolved through the winter and spring. If you’re looking for some inspo, usher in the summer season by aligning with your Venus sign.

Each Venus Sign’s Summer Style

Whether you want to daydream on Pinterest or full on revamp you’re style, here’s some insight on how each Venus sign would thrive during the Summer. Note: check for your sun sign, too, to get even more guidance on how to slay this sweaty season. 

Photo credit: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Venus in Capricorn is not going to let the warm weather stop them from dazzling with sophistication. Preferring timeless classics and quality over trends, swap out those fall coats for summer blazers and a good leather boot.

Venus in Aquarius is going to do anything but follow the status quo. Whatever everyone else is wearing, simply thrift the opposite. Embrace your inner rebel by moving against the current and you’ll find that people will gradually begin to follow suit.

Venus in Pisces refuses to confine herself when it comes to love, art, and of course, fashion. Bring in some gender fluidity by pairing masc with femme, like a button-down with sandal heels or a blazer paired with a bralette.

Venus in Aries is a rebel without a cause and you wouldn’t catch them dead supporting fast fashion. They’d much rather use their hair, makeup, and nails as a form of expression, so use this summer as a playground for experimentation. Big curls, nail designs, and an eyeshadow palette that roars.

Venus in Taurus is ultimately only concerned with being comfortable, but that doesn’t mean she won’t still be cute. Long, wispy skirts, knitted crop tops, and cowboy boots is the boho chic way to survive the Summer heat, stay cozy and still look stunning.

Venus in Gemini is probably spending most of the summer catching flights, so you can be fairly certain they’re coming home with the latest foreign staples. Be the first in your city to rock whatever’s on GANNI or Desigual’s racks before everyone else even catches on.

Venus in Cancer should incorporate their moon mother by leaning into femininity. This means soft pastels, wispy dresses, silk bandanas, and of course, dainty earrings and rings. Nothing says slow girl summer like florals and being a passenger princess.

Venus in Leo is right at home in the Summertime, so it’s only right you take up your rightful space and shine. Notoriously confident and risk-taking, summer is your time to make bold designer statements, color block, and show some skin.

Venus in Virgo is all about nudes and neutrals. You prefer to keep things clean and elegant, though you’ll never compromise on making sure it’s of the highest caliber. Make sure to tailor your capris and when in doubt, opt for olive green.

Venus in Libra is the one to look to when you want to know what the summer trend is. Not only will they be the first to rock what’s the latest on the runway, but they will effortlessly do it better than anyone else and with a lip combo to match. 

Venus in Scorpio pays attention to the details. You’d prefer to rock basics, staples, and essentials while making them loud with statement pieces like cherry red sunglasses and a vintage Prada handbag.

Venus in Sagittarius is solely focused on having a hot girl Summer (as she should) so why not dress the part? Only you could pull off rocking sexy athleisure or a tennis girl fit at any event. Paired with a wide headband and high pony, and you’re serving a sporty spice Summer.