Are you new to fitness and want to start checking off your workout goals but just can’t seem to make your way to the gym? Well, you may be suffering from “Gymtimidation,” and don’t feel discouraged, Venus Williams, one of the greatest tennis players of all time has admitted to experiencing “gymtimidation” herself.  

What exactly is “gymtimidation?” Well, according to Venus Williams and Stitch Fix, an online personal styling and shopping service, “gymtimidation” is “the anxiety around working out in front of others, whether in-person or virtually.” Data concluded by Stitch Fix surveys reveal that sixty seven percent of women experience increased “gymtimidation” when returning to a fitness routine or following a major life event, seventy one percent admit to skipping a workout because they didn’t have workout clothes that made them feel confident, and fifty nine percent of women who workout say it’s a challenge finding workout clothes that fit perfectly. 

In lieu of these findings, Stitch Fix has partnered with Venus Williams to “help women bid farewell to gymtimidation and be their best and most confident selves to conquer their 2022 wellness goals.”  Venus stated, “Playing tennis on a global stage doesn’t make me immune to anxieties. In fact, I’d say it’s just the opposite, I’ve experienced gymtimidation in the past while working out and have developed my own set of techniques to keep it at bay throughout my career.” 

Here are Venus’ tips for combatting “Gymtimidation”:

  1. 1. Practice Mindfulness

  2. “Something I do before each workout is take a deep breath and remind myself to be present for the next two hours or however long the session is. Oftentimes, the second I begin my workout, I am able to tune everything else out and feel the anxiety start to fade.”
  3. 2. Feel-Good Attire

  4. “I always perform my best when I feel my best, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with looking good at the gym! That’s what I love about Stitch Fix – they have a great selection of sizes and styles that make it easier for customers to get the look they feel the best in.” 
  5. 3. Develop A Routine

  6. “I have found that sticking to an 8-hour sleep schedule and a specific morning routine are the biggest things I can do to keep myself in a healthy, positive mindset on a daily basis. One thing I do every single morning is my skincare routine – it helps me wake up and feel rejuvenated. I truly believe in the importance of taking care of all areas of your body.”
  7. 4. Get In The Zone

  8. “Sometimes getting in the zone can be as simple as listening to the right song on my way to the gym. I am obsessed with my gym playlist which is full of high-energy songs that get my blood pumping! You can check out my go-to playlist on the EleVen by Venus Spotify profile here.”
  9. 5. Set Your Intentions

  10. “If I am finding it hard to jump into a workout, I like to take the time to set my intention and remind myself that I’m doing this for my body and my mental well-being. I love starting my day by taking my dog, Harry, for a walk outside before my workout because it’s the perfect time to mentally reset, relax and reflect on what my day will bring and how I plan to tackle it. Whatever your workout regimen is, it’s important to remember that you are doing this for yourself above everything else!”

To also help women combat “gymtimidation” and achieve their fitness goals, Stitch Fix offers a “personalized shopping experience” to help women find their best active and athleisure attire, in a range of XXS-3X and with access to nearly thirty brands from Adidas to Nike to The North Face. The “Goodbye Gymtimidation” campaign also includes a partnership with the Happier app “to provide women with early access to personalized habit-tracking tools and concrete, actionable steps to become happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative in the way that works for them.”