When you think of a software engineer, what do see? Do you see a 5’9, gorgeous black woman who was the first model of color to earn an exclusive runway contract with Calvin Klein? Probably not. But that's likely because you haven't laid your eyes on Victoria Secret model, Lyndsey Scott. 

PHOTO: The Times

Oh yes, you read that right! 34-year-old Scott is more than a pretty face; she can strut her stuff on the runway and then go develop a life-changing app. We have more than proven that women can do it all, but ever so often there are still men who come around and doubt a woman’s abilities. In this case, these naysayers present themselves in the form of internet trolls under a photo of the multi-talented Scott. 

Coding Engineer (@coding.engineer), a page bringing awareness of coders/programmers’ lifestyle and culture, posted a photo of Scott describing her programming knowledge and captioned it "CODING IS FOR ANYONE." While many looked upon her photo as a pillar of motivation: 

Others… well, let's just say they doubted her abilities: 

While many people began to defend Scott, after being tagged in the post, she hopped in and let the trolls know exactly who she is: 

Scott also took to her own page to share with others what took place in the comment section and to show everyone "… programmers can come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, etc. so they’ll think twice before doubting other women and girls they encounter in tech."

Her response led several commenters to respond to her post with encouraging words and thanks: 

Keep breaking down barriers and showing women do it all! 

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