Viola Davis was nominated for her fourth Academy Award on Monday, making her the most nominated Black actress in history. Too many, she is arguably one of the greatest actors ever to touch a stage or grace a screen; however, we love Viola for much more than just her ability to devour any scene she's in. From her exuberant joy to her unparalleled grace and beauty, Viola Davis is exactly what Hollywood icons are made of. A doting mother, an ally and champion for other women in the industry, and a voice for Black women who are often underpaid for their level of talent and ability—she is an inspiration to us all. 

Here are some of our favorite moments from the screen legend.

When she kept it real about her worth

A whole word!

When she sat down with Stacy Abrams for a convo about our political power

What's better than one Queen? Two!

When she shut down any thoughts of Black people having to be perfect to be worthy

No other people have been through as much as we have and still managed to shape every part of the world. 

When she debuted this body and reminded us that hard work brings results

I mean… let's get into these arms! 

When she reminded us of what makes a great leader

Keep it real!! 

When she invented the color lime green and affirmed the phenomenal woman, she is!

Just absolutely stunning. 

Whether she takes home her third Academy Award on April 25th or not, Viola Davis has nothing left to prove. Her crown is firmly secured.