Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, according to Fortune. Come through, ladies! To support the advancement of female-owned businesses, Visa has launched a global initiative program—She's Next—aimed at giving women entrepreneurs access to more funding and peer support.

Photo: Business Wire

Visa's "She's Next" will be led by designer Rebecca Minkoff and the Female Founder Collective (FCC), a network of female-owned businesses. According to a recent press release reported on Business Wire, Visa, Minkoff, and the FCC will help build awareness of female entrepreneurs, invest in women across the socioeconomic spectrum around the globe, and provide them with opportunities to build their businesses and brands. 

“As women, we have the power to shape and transform our communities—through our purchasing power and also through the leadership and employment opportunities we offer as business owners,” said Rebecca Minkoff, founder of Rebecca Minkoff and the Female Founder Collective. “By joining forces with Visa, we will help build awareness of women-owned businesses, provide them with more opportunities and invest in women across the socioeconomic spectrum around the globe.” – Rebecca Minkoff, reported on Business Wire

Throughout the year of 2019, Visa will host pop-up events around to world that "offer a range of practical tools, resources, insights and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs," such events include: 

– Interactive Workshops 

– Access to Experts 

– New Research

– Key Motivators

  • – Advertising Campaign

For more information about Visa's "She's Next" program, check out the video below:

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