At the end of every year, you always hear people talking about something called a vision board. You may get invited to vision board parties, your friends may discuss their boards and yet you find yourself stuck on what exactly it is. Many successful people like Deepak Chopra and Oprah believe in manifestation and visualizing the world that you want for yourself. This is where vision boards come in.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

To put it simply, a vision board is a physical manifestation of your goals. Some people opt to do a digital vision board as well. Ideally, you collect several images, words, or objects that speak to the future you want for yourself. You then arrange them on a board as a reminder of your goals for yourself.

Vision boards directly play into the law of attraction. It is a philosophy that promotes the idea of positive thoughts bringing positive results into a person’s life and negative thoughts bringing negative outcomes. While the law of attraction may not always be a solution for life’s challenges, it can help you learn to look at life in a more optimistic way. It is also a way to keep you motivated on your goals.

None of this comes to you like a gift, however. For success with all things that encompass manifestation, you have to not only set your intention and believe that it will become a reality. You have to actually do the work to make these things happen for you. No matter how large or small your goals are, a vision board is a great tool to assist you in crushing your goals.

Tips On Vision Boarding

First thing is first, make sure you are in the right mindset when you are vision boarding. The energy you have in any situation you’re in is important, but when it comes to prepping your board for the year, you should definitely try to block all negativity out.

When searching for images to add to your board, make sure you pick ones that speak to you, even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense. You might find an image of a rubber duck that catches your eye. Although it is very peculiar, you never know what path this may lead you down. Next thing you know, it’s July of the next year and you are traveling. The world’s largest rubber duck is at the seaport of where you traveled to, which is also where you first meet your soul mate.

After you’ve finished your board, make sure to put it in an area where you’ll see it daily. Your nightstand or your workspace are good places to start. If you’ve opted to create a virtual vision board, you can use it as your desktop background image so that every time you open up your computer it’s right there to remind you of your goals. It is important that your board catches your eye often. After all, it is a vision board.

Get That Vision Board Up!

It is said that by creating a vision board and putting it somewhere you see every day, you will be more likely to achieve your goals. According to Psychology Today, daily visualization work can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance. One study found that for athletes, visualization works almost as well as actual physical practice.

As 2023 approaches and you are gearing up to be the best version of yourself, you have to take the right steps to get there. Why not start with putting all of your goals in a place where you can see them?