Getting a head start on your day is a great way to have a seamless day. Below are some of the tips that you can do in the morning to get up and running.

Ignore The Snooze Button

Sleeping in can be relaxing and exhilarating, especially after a long week. Although snoozing happens even among the most disciplined people, unnecessarily repetitive snoozing can be detrimental to the structure of your workday. In addition to disrupting your routine, putting in extra sleep can be essentially harmful to your psyche. If you continuously set the alarm for a specific time and then consistently hit "snooze," it can send a message to your brain that you are not self-reliable or consistent. Sticking to a constant sleep cycle is challenging but valuable. 

Take A Cold Shower

If you are adventurous enough, a cold shower will thrash any sleepiness that you may have had. It can be uncomfortable at first, but it is intensely rewarding. Jumping in the shower early in the morning can leave you feeling alert, perky, and focused. If you are into scented body lotions, cremes and perfume, douse yourself (sparingly) in your favorite fragrances and be on your way. 

Drink Water

Overnight, we get dehydrated, and a cool glass or two of water early in the morning can be an excellent remedy. An extra tinge of cucumber, ice, or lemon can be an excellent addition to your morning drink. Our body's digestive system and metabolism rely on water to function correctly. Try a glass of fresh water in the morning for a boost.

Set Intentions

Intentionally setting an intention for your day is an excellent way to map out a strategy for what you hope to accomplish. Set at least two goals early in the morning, write those goals down on a post-it or notebook, and pencil it into your day. There is nothing as satisfying as accomplishing a goal that you set your mind to.


Meditation in the morning can help your body and mind feel centered and mindful. Meditation is perfect because it energizes us and helps to set your positive intentions in motion for the day.

Get it Done

Procrastination can be a dream killer. Having overdue projects hanging over your head can weigh you down all day, preventing you from addressing other tasks effectively. To avoid procrastination, focus on getting the important things done first thing in the morning first.