Listen, sis, this may not be the article you want to read but it has to be said: you probably should drink less coffee. *deep sigh*. Coffee, itself, is not necessarily bad for your health but the amount of coffee (as well as additives like sugar, artificial flavors and cream) most of us consume in order to give ourselves an extra boost can really add up. And the caffeine in coffee, as well as the subsequent crash, can really do a number on our heart rates, struggles with anxiety and our energy levels over an extended period of time. For many of us, coffee is more of an experience than a necessity but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from scaling back on our consumption. If you’re thinking of finding new alternatives to coffee in 2022, here are a few to try. 

Matcha tea

Not completely devoid of caffeine but with a lot less than coffee, matcha can be a great alternative to your morning cup of Joe. Try it with a nondairy milk substitute and a light natural sweetener like agave nectar to make it creamy and delicious. 

Golden milk 

Not only will this mixture of turmeric, plant based milk, ginger, cinnamon and honey give you an energy boost, it is also a true gem for your skin. A few cups of golden milk per week will make a significant differences in your overall health as well. 

Lemon water

This replacement is also a great way to kickstart both your metabolism and digestive system. A little warm water with fresh lemon is a tried and true way to start your day with a jolt while also aiding in weight loss, healthy digestion and once again giving your skin some extra hydration. 

Peppermint tea

Most of us only think to reach for this when we are feeling under the weather but it is actually a great drink to add to your daily consumption. The main difference between this tea choice and coffee is that mint tea is calming so for those suffering from anxiety, this can be a game changer for getting your day started without spiking your heart rate. 

Chai tea

Chai tea is already pretty popular for many and is even sold at most coffee shops so you can grab it on the go. Another digestive aid, Chai can also help with heart health and reduce blood sugar levels. 

Apple cider vinegar

A shot of apple cider vinegar either mixed into a cup of tea with honey and lemon or, for the truly brave, by itself, can really get your day started. ACV has endless health benefits including digestion, clearing toxins from the body, managing diabetes and weight loss.