Who would've thought mixing cannabis and manuka honey would be the perfect remedy to heal the body from dryness, irritation and inflammation?

We all know the amazing benefits of cannabis, but we’ve never witnessed it being used like this before!

Michael and Kelly Bumgarner, founders of Cannuka skincare line, are the masterminds behind blending these two powerful ingredients, and you’ll be glad they did!

Cannuka has transformed the skincare game by using cannabis in its products to help people of all skin colors get the smooth, glowing skin they deserve using natural ingredients.

Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Michael always had an interest in natural products that benefit people’s health and the environment. He researched industrial hemp cultivation, which led him to learning about the powerful, natural ingredient of cannabidiol (CBD). 

With the help of his wife, Kelly, who has experience as a certified physician assistant in dermatology, they found the perfect concoction using CBD and manuka honey to produce glowing, rejuvenated skin. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is derived from hemp, which is free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chief intoxicant in marijuana, and it has been proven to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. Manuka honey comes from the manuka bush in New Zealand, and it is the perfect ingredient to compliment CBD. It contains antibacterial and anti-irritant properties that help heal the skin. 

The combination of the two natural ingredients works wonders for the body. But, if CBD and manuka honey haven’t won you over, we’re pretty sure the additional ingredients used in the skincare line will. 

Cannuka offers products that are infused with sixteen other pure, identifiable natural ingredients such as grapefruit essential oil, vitamin E, rosehip oil and aloe vera.

Photo: cannuka.com

Each Cannuka product treats all areas of the body to keep you glowing everyday! The Cannuka skincare line includes eye, lip and skin balm and body bar and cream. From chapped lips to major outbreaks, Cannuka has you covered.

We’ve tried a few of their products, and we love them! The CBD Body Bar is very nourishing for the skin. It offers a deep clean while providing the right amount of moisture. The CBD Lip Balm is very light, but effective, and it is guaranteed to treat your lips throughout the day. The CBD Eye Cream is also super effective at making your eyes brighter and super moisturized.

With Cannuka, you can create a perfect skincare regimen with optimal benefits. We all know that our skin is resilient, but we still have to be mindful of how we care for it. Cannuka’s simple, high-quality ingredients make it a great skincare brand for people of color, and it's definitely a must-have for your beauty routine.

This is just the beginning for the founders! The Bumgarner's plan to add more products to their collection soon, including creams that provide sleep, pain and anxiety relief. 

The Bumgarner's want every user to enjoy glowing, beautiful skin, and they’re on a mission to help legitimize the cannabis industry by creating a healthier population and a cleaner environment. Who can disagree with that? 

Interested in buying Cannuka products? Check out their website and use code 21Ninety to receive a 20 percent discount on your purchase!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Cannuka.