It's time to switch up the look, sis!

We've officially sprung forward, which means spring is around the corner. With the possibility of outside opening up in most states, it may be time to try a bold new look that will turn heads and give you a style boost. If you think it's time to switch up the energy with a fiery red, a deep purple, or even a bold blonde—we'd say you're on the right track. Those color choices are brightening up the block these days and could look great on just about any shade of melanin. 

Check out a few of our favorite hair colors of the season. 

This honey brown color is one of the hottest colors this season. It perfectly complements our beautiful brown skin.

For the babe who is willing to go blonde.

It's okay to choose violet. 

If you're feeling bold, try a fun and loud color like this blue.

Try a perfect in-between with this red and brown dusted compromise.