After narrowly escaping a layoff from her successful corporate career, Letisha Royster set out to find the passion for her life and work that she’d lost years before. Her soul searching led her to explore nail technology. 

During one of her nail courses, she learned there was a large segment of consumers including people living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer survivors, and other autoimmune conditions, who could not enjoy nail and footcare in standard salons due to the high risk of infections and complications from standard practices.

Her search for passion became a discovery of purpose, and it led her to develop the Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa.

Royster is now on a mission to redefine today’s nail spa by shifting the industry standard from rushed, impersonal, and non-hygienic services to holistic experiences that provides safe care for women who desire healthy hands and feet — most importantly diabetics and cancer survivors.

However, Royster knows keeping her mission alive will require financial help. In recent times, black women-owned businesses have grown massively. It's no longer just a dream for black women to have a business of their own. However, even with these strides, less than 0.5 % of venture capital investments go toward black women in business. 

To close this gap and accomplish her dream of opening a waterless salon, Royster founded iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform that helps grow capital for female entrepreneurs.iFundWomen is completely made by women, and 20% of the reinvestments of their profits becomes capital for other female entrepreneurs utilizing their platform.  

To learn more about Royster's campaign, click here.

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