During this pandemic, many people have been struggling to make a living and raise their families.  This has led many to experience a mental and physical state of exhaustion called burnout.  While many of us have likely experienced this condition, especially this year, no group of people has dealt with burnout harder than us women. 

We take on a lot of roles, from mother to businesswomen.  Most of us have a 9-5 job while trying to raise our families.  Some people call us "Superwoman," but we break down mentally, physically, and emotionally, too.  We are only human.  If you have yet to experience this state of burnout, here are four ways you can avoid falling into this trap.

Eating a Balanced Diet

It's no secret that we are what we eat.  One of the signs of burnout includes frequent illness.  If we're not eating right daily, we will become sick.  We will also develop irritable behavior.  Try eating more foods filled with omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and walnuts to boost your mood.  These foods help improve brain function and reduce inflammation in the body which causes fatigue.

Exercise, exercise

Exercise is another great habit to avoid the burnout trap.  It's a great mood booster and alleviates stress.  It could also positively impact your performance at work.  Your productivity will start to increase, thanks to exercise.  Try fitting in a daily jog before or after work.  You will feel better and combat this state of burnout.

Get Yourself Some Sleep

Getting enough sleep is paramount for a person's mental and physical health state.  Just getting less than 8 hours of this each night will cause a state of burnout to happen.  We are not machines that could stay on all day.  Our bodies need to rest to properly function day after day.  So do yourself a favor and get some good sleep each night.

Find Time to Meditate

This next effective way of avoiding burnout is a practice some of us don't do very often.  This practice is meditation.  This practice could alter the functioning of our brains and how our bodies respond to stress.  Meditation puts our minds at ease and helps us reflect on your life.  Take a few minutes each day after a busy day to close your eyes and just reflect.  Try to make this habit a consistent one because it is great in maintaining balance in your lives.

Burnout is a mental and physical condition that affects all of us, especially women.  This pandemic isn't making things easier for us.  But if we follow these ways to avoid burnout, we will be all right.