The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing for whats to come. New Year prep looks different for everyone, but it’s always essential to envision how you want your year to look. For the more spiritual girls, you should look into the energy next year will bring. 

21Ninety sat down with spiritual guide and author, Sarah Gottesdiener about what 2024 has in store so you can best prepare!

Spiritual Prep for 2024

21Ninety: While we’re still in 2023, how can we prepare for the coming year? What will prepare us to hit the ground running in 2024?

Sarah Gottesdiener: Many of us have been undecided for a lot of the year. We know we need to make a change, but don’t have enough courage, confidence, or clarity around what that will be exactly. For many, a crossroads energy has existed, and we know we can’t go back. At the same time, we aren’t sure which direction to go.

In some circumstances, it’s not that we don’t know what we ultimately want, it’s that we aren’t quite sure how to get it. We might feel doubtful that we truly can make the changes we want. Since 2016, life has been difficult and has impacted everyones lives. It left many of us feeling disempowered. You have to start by building a healthy and loving sense of self. You should rebuild trust with yourself by doing what you say you are going to do. Then, little by little you’ll believe. 

Now is the time to make micro decisions and see how they play out. After making the micro decision, you’ll have the information of a different experience. Now, you can proceed with a better understanding, and give yourself enough evidence and then change course. 

This is always a good time to declutter, take time away from distractions, and sit with yourself. Think about the small rituals and routines that you can introduce daily that will help you come back to yourself, center yourself, and that will help to strengthen your intuition. Think about your biggest dreams for the next year, and what you can do every day, or once a week, that will help you achieve them.

21N: Everyone has been talking about shadow work this year. Will we see a resurgence of the importance of shadow work in 2024?

SG: Yes, we will. Next year, personal shadow work will continue. We always need shadow work in any process of growth. Next year emphasizes the “golden shadow.” Your golden shadow is the brilliant parts of ourself we needed to hide, and the unique aspects of ourselves that were bullied or repressed because others were threatened. Your cringe will set you free! 

Think about what you loved to do and what you were good at as a child or teenager, that only you could do in your unique way, and place your focus there. It’s imperative to approach these new activities with a large dose of love and compassion. Also, let go of the shame, grief, and judgment around being a beginner or having feelings about not starting sooner.

21N: The numerology number for 2024 is 8. Can you explain numerology and why 8 is the number for the new year?

SG: Numerology is the spiritual interpretation of numbers. It has an emphasis on the energetic or evolutionary themes they correspond with. These themes can act as anchors, helping us make sense of the year. They can also act as guides, and if we can embody and practice these themes consistently, our efforts might go more smoothly, and our growth might be more supported. Most traditional schools of numerology distill numbers down to 1. So, that means 2+0+2+4=8. 

8 is a much-needed energy! The number 8 is the balance between the spiritual and the material, the inner and outer. It is about coherence and congruence between what you think and what you do. Essentially, practice what you preach. How will you live out your values, integrity, and dreams this year? 

The energy of the number 8 corresponds to overcoming, flow states, building, stability, power, and growth through transformation. It’s often thought of as a lucky number. 

21N: What are some of the best ways to protect our energy and spirit in 2024? Are there any themes we should be on the lookout for?

Watch out for manipulation, force, impatience, and those who ask you to act outside your integrity. You don’t want your ego or impetuous emotions running the show. Often pause and breathe before sending a text or email! 

Focus on building your heart coherence and heart intuition. Find friends you can play and be childlike with. Also, find your apocalypse friends and learn skillsets that will serve you well long-term. For instance, technologies that are both earth-based and computer-based go hand-in-hand. Accept your true nature and prioritize around your genuine essence. Create backup plans that will give you more confidence. Call on your inner strength every day this year. This year won’t be about healing as much as it will be about wholeness.