Kelly Rowland has worn many hats — singer, songwriter, actress, author and mother — and she has excelled in all of them. Recently, she’s added "partnering with Clorox and DonorsChoose.orgto the list of amazing things she’s doing. 

21Ninety got to chat with Kelly Rowland to get the exclusive scoop on all of her new endeavors, motherhood highs and lows and how her sweet little Titan is preparing for his first day back at school. 

On her partnership with Clorox

As we shared our excitement with Kelly about her partnerships with Clorox and DonorsChoose, she gushed right back with matching enthusiasm:

"I’m so excited to be working with Clorox — and I’m definitely not just saying this because we’re partnering up (but) I’ve been using their products for as long as I could remember. I’m somewhat of a germaphobe but also, cleanliness brings me some form of clarity. Whenever things around me are clean and clutter-free, I feel like I can work so much better."

Why DonorsChoose is important to her

DonorsChoose helps teachers nationwide bring projects to life by allowing them to crowdfund in order to makeup for cutbacks in many schools. Kelly spoke on her fellow friends who are teachers and how she feels this movement is beneficial:

"I love DonorsChoose and everything they’re doing. There are so many cutbacks going on in schools and I know a lot of friends who are also teachers back in Houston who have to pay out of pocket for school supplies and school projects. They care so much and they want their students to be great, so they’ll do whatever they have to, but having DonorsChoose as a tool to help lessen the amount they’re paying out of pocket, is such a great thing."

All things Titan

Kelly is a mother of a gorgeous three-year-old boy named Titan who is ambitious, curious, shy and loving of all sea animals. He’s also very enthused for his first day of school coming up next month:

"Titan actually starts school early next month and he’s so excited about it. He literally would be like, 'Mom, I need new shoes for my first day of school!' but he really doesn’t. He just loves these new tennis shoes he saw! He’s so cute though because he’s excited and he wants to go shopping for it, so we went shopping together and we picked out a bunch of cute new jeans and shirts, we got his backpack ready and filled with all of his school supplies. Clorox actually gave me this amazing idea to gift his teacher a basket full of useful things, especially the Clorox wipes, which is a plus for me too because it’ll help keep things clean which means Titan will be healthy."

On Letting Kids Venture into the world

When it comes to dropping off kids to school, Kelly remains calm:

"I think it’s hard to let your kids go into the world, but I feel at peace knowing that we’ve raised him to be secure within himself and his place on this earth. We also teach him to be loving, caring, to share and to never conform. For example, Titan loves everything that has to do with sea animals and we tell him that even he’s the only one who likes sea animals, he should never feel the need to not like it just because everyone else might not be as enthused. We want him to be secure with his choices and the things he likes." 

Mommy advice from Kelly Rowland

Kelly shared some sweet advice to mommas concerning breastfeeding and societal pressures which can be useful to mommas all around:

"You know, I don’t know the exact way to start or stop breastfeeding — I stopped because my supply lessened from stress after my mom’s passing — but I do encourage mothers to breastfeed for as long as they can or want to. I recommend keeping the stress levels low if possible because it does affect your body and that affects your baby. I just don’t want moms to fall under this pressure of having to do anything — just do what works for you! I also hope that moms themselves, quit pressuring other moms to do things that may not suit them. We should continue to let moms do their things."

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