If you're anything like us, you've already purchased your Black Panther movie tickets and you're counting down the days until you can witness the film firsthand. We can't speed up time, but we can learn everything we can about what went into the film — including who was given exclusive license from Marvel to sell Black-Panther-inspired jewelry. The jewelry designer's name is Douriean Fletcher, and we're loving the afrofuturistic vibes of her creations. From Wakanda to your next event, the jewelry is versatile and edgy, and the pieces are perfect for building statement-making outfits around.

Fletcher is an L.A.-based designer who served as Special Jewelry Costumer for Black Panther. You've probably seen her work in press images and on the red carpet for the film

Take, for example, one of Angela Bassett's rings on the red carpet from the film's premiere.

😊😊@Regranned from @jlynnstyle18 – The Queen is here…@im.angelabassett @blackpanther Face @dandremichael Hair @kimkimbleproducts Body @jlynnstyle18 Jumpsuit @naeemkhannyc Shoes @lesilla Earrings and ring by @drjeweldesign @samiamme16 Ring @douriean Bracelets @gismondi1754 Cuff by @onepointsixone.asia Thank you to @aishabeau @donettelowe @jillybeanchay @onepointsixone.asia @gismondi1754 @brooklynpr_la for helping with this moment.. Thank you and blessings to the amazing Black designers that went above and beyond for me and @im.angelabassett ..@drjeweldesign @samiamme16 @douriean #jlynnstyles#lifeofstylist#celebritystylist#celebritystyle#style#instastyle#beauty#instabeauty#fashion#instafashionista#instafashion#fashionblogger#blackfitness#blackgirlmagic#911#fox#thenew50#blackpanther#blackpanthermovie#royalty#blackexcellence#africanjewelry#africa#queens#blackdesingers#jewels#diamonds#Queen#fashionbomb#fashionbombdaily

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Or in this exclusive promo image, also starring Bassett:

So naturally, we love this photo series (called Fem The Future) featuring some of Douriean's jewelry and that draws inspiration from afrofuturism and feminine power. The shots are in the same vein as the Black Panther imagery we've been loving.

"It's necessary to envision and actively create a world in the future where women and people of color can exist in all their magical glory without restriction and oppression," says Esosa E, who creative directed and modeled for the shoot. Esosa is a film executive, actress, writer and fashion designer who was featured in The Root's "10 African Artists and Entrepreneurs You Should Know."

The jewelry featured in these images is composed of natural raw materials like gilded 18 and 24K gold metals. The bold shapes and abstract designs have a regal feel to them, and although they are luxurious, they're also reminiscent of the kind of jewelry you'd imagine ancient royalty to wear.

Douriean's jewelry is for people who forge their own path and create the lives they desire. And who wouldn't feel confident and inspired while adorned in these pieces?

Check out 'Fem The Future' below:

Photo: @lanlyle

Photo: @lanlyle

Photo: @lanlyle

Photo: @lanlyle

Photo: @lanlyle

Photo: @lanlyle

Fem The Future

Photographer: @lanlyle

Creative Director/Model: @officialesosae

Makeup: @mrbayardo

Clothing: @ottdubai and WOW Couture

Featuring Jewelry by @Douriean — official jewelry designer for 'Black Panther' | Collection available on douriean.com