On a scale of 1-5, how much do you value making sure that your workout clothes always coordinate? If you’re an outdoor runner for whom style and functionality are equally important, then the newest Nike Trail collection definitely deserves your attention.

The collection of four kicks, released just in time for Spring, comprises some of the brand’s most popular outdoor running shoes in muted earth tone colorways that make them easy to pair with a variety of clothing options. And as a bonus, they’ll fit equally as easily into your life for all the post-workout running you do: to the post office, to the bank, on a playground after a surprisingly fast little toddler.

Get into these dope designs and useful, potentially ankle saving features!

Nike Zegama Women’s Trail Running Shoes

This version of the Nike Zegama takes on a cool, copper accent that adds a touch of luxury to your run fit. It’s paired with cool light blue, white and black tones that compliment almost any other color. But you’re a RUNNER runner, so of course we know a cool looking shoe isn’t enough to reel you in. The Nike Zegama features a lightweight Nike ZoomX midsole to provide extra cushioning, as well as an ankle gaiter to keep out trail debris – thus guaranteeing that you’ll stay comfortable on each and every run. It also offers great grip and stability, giving you one less thing to worry about whether you’re running up a steep, rocky path, or trying to stay steady on a decline.

Nike Kiger 9 Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Imagine being on the most off-road, high difficulty trail you’re legally allowed to embark on in your favorite national park. You’ve got this long run ahead of you, and you know the terrain is going to change a few times, but it will never be easy or forgiving. The Nike Kiger 9 was made for runs like this. This new iteration of the design is lighter, lower to the ground, and features a stronger and more flexible mesh upper to keep your feet as safe as possible. The proprietary Nike React technology also helps you respond to every change your trail of choice throws your way, while remaining agile, sure footed, and confident in your ability to conquer the (off)road in front of you.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 & Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX Women’s Trail Running Shoes

An OG in the Nike Running lane, the Pegasus Trail is for the runner who doesn’t miss a day! The shoe features an extra skin overlay across the toes to help each pair last longer. Both versions of the shoe also boast an extra durable outsole, which makes it easy for you to go from the trail to the road and back again. Why two versions of the same shoe in this collection you ask? The difference is in the upper. Whereas the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 is made out of engineered mesh to offer you a sturdy, breathable feel; the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX is the waterproof workhorse of a shoe you need when even the rain can’t stop your run.